Testosterone Side Effects from Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Testosterone Side Effects in Men

Its important to know that if youve had prostate cancer or breast cancer you are absolutely not a candidate for testosterone therapy. Testosterone can make either of these cancers grow faster.

Decreasing testosterone levels has been a method used to treat diseases related to both the "benign" and the cancerous groups of cells, but it is still unclear whether testosterone therapy for the older man places him at increased risk of developing prostate disease (i.e., whether testosterone replacement therapy makes benign prostatic hyperplasia progress or makes previously unknown prostate, or sub-clinical, cancer spread).

The vast majority of studies following PSA (prostate specific antigen made by both cancer cells - at a higher rate - and benign prostate cells) show that it does not increase significantly with testosterone therapy. All of the short-term studies have shown no negative effects on prostate size, maximum urination flow rates and prostate symptom scores. It appears that testosterone replacement therapy has little short-term effect on the prostate. However, long-term data is as yet not available.

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Testosterone Side Effects from Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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