Airing March 2 and 3: BBC World News 30-Minute Segment on Andropause/Aging with Dr. Jeff Life, Healthy Aging Expert …

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on February 28th, 2013
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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Dr. Jeff Life, Cenegenics Senior Partner and NY Times bestselling author, is featured in a 30-minute BBC World News documentary segment on andropause (male menopause) and aging along with other medical experts, which airs March 2 and March 3, announced Cenegenics, the global leader in age management medicine. The segmentestimated to reach over 250 million viewers worldwideincludes BBC correspondent Peter Bowes interview with Life and one of Lifes patients from the Dr. Phil Show, who follows the Cenegenics Elite Health Program and is experiencing a significant health-and-body transformation.

Since 2006, Life has been a key image in Cenegenics ad campaigns, touting a body of a man half his age and inspiring men around the world. A myriad of TV/radio appearances followed, along with his 2011 New York Times bestselling book, The Life Plan, published by Atria Books/Simon & Schuster; his second book, Mastering the Life Plan," is due out in mid-March. In the BBC segment, Bowes zeroes in on Lifes healthy aging success, fitness regime, nutritional approach and hormonal therapy.

My whole program is to address andropause and hit it head on. The way to do that is to combine the right exercise, right nutrition and therapy to correct testosterone deficiencies, which in turn, dramatically improves a mans health. Being part of the BBC World News documentary on aging created an excellent oppportunity to share the reality of andropause and show men how they can turn the course of their aging toward maximized wellness and vitality, Life said.

Despite some naysayers, Life says he is living proof that the science-based Cenegenics program with its proactive medical approach works, giving him tremendous improvements on his health and a total reversal of his aging process.

I felt the BBC World News segment was fair and balanced. While I disagree with some of the statements made by the researcher on that same segment, I do agree that any potential patient should understand all of the benefits as well as the risks prior to any treatment. With close physician monitoring and the right approach, men can overcome the affects of andropause and enjoy a more active, youthful life. When I eat right, train hard and do all thats in my fitness plan, it works. Even at 74, every day I leap out of bed and cant wait to get to the gym, Life said.

BBC World News filmed Life giving a tour of the Cenegenics Las Vegas facility, exercising at the Las Vegas Athletic Club and giving an interview where he discussed age management medicine and the Cenegenics Elite Health Program.

Physicians can discover the rewarding benefits of practicing age management medicine by contacting Dr. Michael Resnick (702.953.1574) or Dr. Tim Patel (702.953.1577).

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Airing March 2 and 3: BBC World News 30-Minute Segment on Andropause/Aging with Dr. Jeff Life, Healthy Aging Expert ...

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