Anabolic Steroids List: Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone Cypionate is an ester with a half life of 15 to 16 days. The combination of testosterone and Cypionate form a powerful steroid called Testosterone Cypionate. It is available in injectible form and gives best results. It is more popular in the United States and body builders and power lifters buy Testosterone Cypionate to gain strength, weight and muscle mass.

The benefits of this steroid are many. Body builders buy Testosterone Cypionate to gain muscle mass. The ability of this steroid to promote nitrogen retention and stimulate protein synthesis gives the user muscles which are exceptional in quality and are bigger and better in shape and size. It also saves the hard earned muscles from muscle wasting such as protein catabolism; a process in which the body breaks down the proteins stored in the cells and uses them as energy.

Athletes buy Testosterone Cypionate as it gives them the burst of energy and stamina required during competition. Many sports person have noticed that the body gets a boost and more stamina to perform well when this steroid is taken. This occurs because Testosterone Cypionate increases the number of red blood cells in the body thereby raising the volume of the oxygenated blood. This drug also has the amazing quality of helping the body to recover from injuries as it increases the activity of the satellite cells. The satellite cells are responsible for healing the damaged muscles and tissues in the body.

Often leisure users buy Testosterone Cypionate as it burns off the excess fat stored in their bodies giving them lean physique and hard toned muscles. The user may also notice an increase in appetite with this steroid. If the user takes a diet rich in calories and exercises daily, the user will notice an improvement in the size and shape of the muscles.

Cypionate is popular among body builders, power lifters, athletes and leisure users who can gain a lot from this versatile steroid. Those who buy Testosterone Cypionate find it very beneficial. In the field of medicine it is found to be quite useful in treating anemia as it increases the red blood cell count in the body. It raises the testosterone level in the body and is thus widely used to treat infertility in men.

Side Effects: Although its gains are quite impressive but you should learn about its side effects before you buy Cypionate. First of all it gives incredible gains in weight, muscle mass and strength but once you stop taking this steroid, the gains are lost. An extreme feeling of fatigue also takes over once the treatment is stopped.

Being an anabolic and androgenic steroid, it exhibits the side effects of both. It has the ability to aromatize. In aromatization the testosterones in the body get converted to estrogen. This causes excess water retention which deprives the muscles of the hard toned look. Gynocomastia is another side effect which occurs in men because of estrogenic activity. Estrogen being a female sex hormone binds with the breast tissue and gets deposited on the breasts. This causes the breasts to become abnormally large.

Virilization is a side effect which occurs in women users who buy Cypionate. In virilization women develop male features such as hair growth on face and body and deep voice. The women can become infertile as the menstrual cycle becomes disturbed or stops.

Hair loss, steroid acne and oily skin also occurs with this steroid. But these side effects go away when the user stops taking this drug. Increased aggression and mood swings are also common with this drug. It can cause liver problems if taken in large doses and for an extended period. Those suffering from cardiac problems or kidney troubles should also stay away from this steroid.

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Anabolic Steroids List: Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate

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