Andropause, Facts, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Testosterone Treatment

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You're experiencing low sex drive, you're energy level isn't up to par and your strength isn't what it was. They're conditions that occur in any aging male, but they're also related to a drop in hormone production. And that's what andropause is, an emotional and physical change that many men go through.

It's been known for a long time that hormones produced in the testes reduce as men get older. But lately more attention is being paid to what can be done about this condition clinically. Where men used to shrug it off as an expected part of the aging process, physicians are now discovering medical solutions to address these symptoms. If you'd like to know the more technical names for the condition they are male climacteric andropause, late onset hypogonadism, or androgen decline in the aging male (ADAM).

There are a few more things to be aware of. Andropause doesn't happen to everyone, but if it does, it's not a sudden condition; it creeps up on you gradually. So, although it's sometimes referred to as male menopause, it's different from what women experience, which is an abrupt change in hormone levels accompanying the end of the reproductive cycle.

Occurrence You should know that andropause is fairly common, and chances of getting it increase the older you get. At 40-49 years of age, about 2% to 5% of men have it. From 50-59 It jumps to anywhere from 6% to 40% of the population. If you're 60-69 years-of-age your likelihood is somewhere in the 20-45% range. From 70-79 it affects about 34% to 70%. And when you're over 80 about 91% of men have it. The numbers aren't a strict science. But the treatment is, and that means that if you are concerned, at any age, you should see a doctor to find out what can be done.

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ANDROPAUSE SYMPTOMS As we've said, andropause is not a sudden condition; it creeps up on you gradually. You might detect the onset of andropause if any or all of these occur:

Understand that these are symptom guidelines. Andropause affects different men in different ways and to different degrees. There are men who may get one or two of these symptoms, and may just notice the other symptoms occurring minimally or not at all.

As you work your way through this website, take the ADAM Questionnaireif you're concerned that you might have andropause. It's a simple and effective way to detect this condition. Now, just because you have a few of these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean you have andropause. It could be some other cause, so a blood test is the best way to make a diagnosis.

A few issues you should know:

There is no one "right" level of testosterone for all men to maintain proper function of their brain, bone, prostate, or muscle cells. It's better for you and your physician to work together to find the level of testosterone that is most effective for you.

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Andropause, Facts, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Testosterone Treatment

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