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Voiceover: When the menopause affects women the average age for this is 52. The embarrassing symptoms are well recognised. As well as memory loss, mood swings and hot flushes are common. But what if a man such as 66 year old Derek should have similar symptoms? Hes come to the clinic for help.

Derek: The biggest hell for me has been upsetting my family. I know my wife has suffered. If I can find some treatment that will cure the problem then I shall be very happy and so will my family.

Dr Pixie: Nice to meet you Derek. So what brings you to the clinic?

Derek: For probably 5 or 6 years Ive had a whole series of symptoms and one that worries me most of all is that Im prone to outbursts of verbal aggression. This has not been part of my character in the past. I feel a lack of mental agility. I suffer from a lot of night sweats and I have hot flushes and sweats during the day time which can be fairly embarrassing at times. I have difficulty falling off to sleep and when I do get to sleep and I get up early in the morning Im as tired as I was when I went to bed.

Dr Pixie: I think a lot of your symptoms could be attributed to low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is essential, it makes you feisty, it affects your erectile function, it affects your sleep, it affects your appetite, it affects your zest for life, it affects your concentration, it affects everything. And, as when females go through the menopause, there is a condition in males called Andropause where your testosterone levels start to dip. It is a thing that can be treated so easily.

Derek: Really?

Dr Pixie: Yeah, and then we can take it from there.

Derek: Id be very keen to go through that process.

Dr Pixie: Brilliant.

Voiceover: Andropause has only been recognised by the medical community since the 1940s but its thought that 45% of men in their 60s suffer from it. Its caused by falling levels of testosterone and can lead to irritability, lack of energy and a low sex drive. The best treatment is with hormone replacement therapy. Dereks treatment begins with a questionnaire and blood tests which he then discusses with Dr Malcolm Carruthers, an Andropause expert.

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Andropause | Health | Embarrassing |

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