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Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 20th, 2016

The treatment of choice for andropause includes Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Some experts feel that a holistic approach is the key to the management of andropause.

The treatment of choice for andropause includes Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for men with reduced levels of testosterone. Although this is still a controversial area it was found that many patients benefitted immensely from the treatment. Some of the benefits include:

Improvement in attitude Increase in self-confidence and self-esteem Increased energy levels Enhanced concentration, cognition Enhanced mood and sense of well being Enhanced libido and sexual performance Improvement in mood and sense of well-being Improved sleep Increase in physical fitness

Testosterone replacement is not a benign treatment and must be carried out according to the advise of the doctor. Men getting TRT should be regularly monitored for prostate cancer.

Other risks from the treatment include stroke, breast development, and impairment in sperm production and liver toxicity.

Testosterone treatment should be completely avoided in the case of breast cancer (in males) and Prostate cancer.

It must be carried out according to the advise of a doctor in case of the following conditions:

Liver /heart/blood vessel /kidney disease Edema Diabetes mellitus Enlarged prostate

In the presence of certain catalysts, the aromatase enzyme found in the human body converts testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. Grapes, fatty substances and alcohol act as these catalysts.

Vitamin C and Zinc are recommended for andropausal men.

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Andropause / Male Menopause - Treatment - Medindia

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