Ego Might Be Driving Men Towards Testosterone Injections, But it Really Does Improve Many Health Conditions

Posted by Professor Anna Gray, Updated on January 5th, 2023
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You’ve seen the ads. The ones where an older man, hair turning gray, maybe not that attractive but the women are staring at him lustily. The ads exclaim that these men will “feel younger and stronger,” and “major performance boost” and “finally have sex again!” All of that sounds incredible. Let’s get started right away!

The ads will also promote pills, injections and creams, as well as showing these older men, who are eager to feel young again and have sex with all the leggy blondes, where the closest clinic is where their lives will change forever. How can a man resist? It all sounds good...too be true?

Some Men Driven By Ego, Others Embarrassed to Be There

There are a lot of critics out there who do not believe in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). They think that it is all a hype and runs off of aggressive marketing techniques. The benefits that these companies claim are seriously exaggerated and the target is men who really lack any true medical need for testosterone therapy. While this may be true of some companies, ones who will prescribe the stuff willy-nilly just to make a buck, it is not true of the majority and of the real medical and endocrinological clinics who work with men with real needs every day.

What is true is that many men are driven by ego to inquire about testosterone replacement therapy and may have some overblown expectations of the hormone. It can also come down to society’s view of male virility and men feel pressured to look and feel a certain way, just women do, but in a different way.

Whereas some men feel that egotistic drive and head into the testosterone clinic, others are more hesitant about it because it feels like they’re not truly a man anymore, and ignore any problems they might have it. They can feel embarrassed to even step foot in a testosterone clinic. For example, a nurse from the Gahanna’s Low T Center in Columbus, Ohio says, “One of the main things that keeps guys from coming in is that they may think it’s like a hit to their man card.”

However, large amounts of men visited the Gahanna clinic and others across the country until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Which is really unfortunate because it has been shown by multiple studies now that low testosterone can cause the symptoms of COVID-19 to be severely worse, the more of a testosterone deficiency a man has. The study results are actually quite scary for men with (and especially untreated!) low testosterone.

TRT Marketing Driven by Male Role in Relationships

Men are the more aggressive partner in sexual relationships and if they are not perceived as manly enough, it is a real blow to their ego. This is especially true when it comes to sex and maintaining a healthy erection. And not being able to sustain an erection is a serious problem for a man. It means that something is not functioning properly, there could be serious circulatory issues such as clogged arteries and it also means that a man cannot have children, impacting his fertility severely.

Therefore, a deficiency of testosterone is not something to be taken lightly. And it’s not just sexual performance that is affected by low-T either. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by both men and women, but after the age of 30, it will decline by about 1% per year in men. There is a true need for testosterone therapy and legitimate clinics require multiple tests and steps to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Typically, a full physical is completed as well as a blood test and consultation at the very first visit. After all of those tests are performed and the level of testosterone is determined, as well as the list of symptoms the man is experiencing, he may or may not be prescribed testosterone therapy. When levels are incredibly low, a man is suffering from hypogonadism. With this diagnosis, a man would be suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction and/or loss of facial and body hair.

Dr. Robert Murden, a geriatric specialist at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center states, “It’s specifically not recommended for people who are just tired. You shouldn’t just try it. You don’t give these things, with downsides, without clinical indications.”

This is why so much goes into the diagnosis, but it is a pretty simple process, nonetheless. It is best to “try” testosterone under the guidance and diagnosis from a medical professional, otherwise, serious adverse side effects may be experienced, some irreversible if taken too far.

Testosterone Prescription is Best to Avoid the Risks

The risks of taking too much testosterone when your body does not need it include elevated red blood cell count, acne or other skin issues, elevation of estrogen, testicular atrophy (yikes!) and even cardiovascular or liver issues. It is imperative that a man undergo physician-mediated testosterone replacement therapy for their safety and health.

To truly be suffering from low-T, your testosterone levels must be below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). When levels are that low, a man may experience extreme fatigue, lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction that gets worse over time, memory problems and diminished recovery from workouts. Basically, a man’s worst nightmare.

Not all of these symptoms are caused by low testosterone, however. Some, or all of them, could be cured by just improving one’s lifestyle. This could include exercise, reducing stress, getting more sleep or improving one’s diet. It may be best to start with natural methods first before turning to a clinic.

Dr. John Oliver DeLancey, an assistant professor of urology at Wexner Medical Center, has this to say about the therapy: “Testosterone replacement therapy gets sort of a bad rap for being overused and without appropriate testing and monitoring. As long as you follow appropriate guidelines and put thoughtful care into why you are doing so and for the right reasons, it can be very safe and effective.”

If you are considering testosterone replacement therapy for yourself, please consider contacting our clinic for a free consultation to discuss any questions you might have about the therapy and how to get started. We are just a phone call away!


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