Hormone fluctuation affects men, too

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Probably because of the biological make-up of women, which foists on them more reproductive functions than men, the tendency is for us to conclude that hormone fluctuations dont affect men. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Indeed, reproductive endocrinologists confirm that men do have their own bad hair days when it comes to susceptibility to the activities of the hormones in the body.

As touchy as the male hormones could be, even the strong smell of certain perfumes can send a wrong message to the testicles, making them to shrink almost in a jiffy. While this is a temporary setback that soon resolves itself once you get rid of the odour, it tells so much about the way the male body works, underscoring the need for men not to take too much for granted, especially as they advance in age.

Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology, Oladapo Ashiru, warns that testosterone quantities can move up and down for up to four or five times an hour. He notes that in reality, testosterone quantity is typically higher in the morning and lower at night.

Ashiru says fluctuations in the body do control a mans state of masculinity, from morning until night.

General Physician, Dr. Soji Ogunseyi, adds, This explains why men are raving to go, sexually early in the morning than they may after a heavy days schedule, because apart from the fact that the body has rested well during the night, the surging quantities of the male hormone, testosterone, contributes to that drive you experience with your spouse early in the morning.

Talking about reactions to perfumes and allied products, scientists say such beauty products that contain phthalate-based chemicals have been known to cause reduced sperm counts, structural abnormalities, and testicular atrophy in males who are exposed to them.

That is why you must be careful of the products you use, and also why you should pay close attention to things that give you allergies, as your reproductive life may depend on them more than you realise, Ogunseyi adds.

Its not women alone that have estrogen, though they do have it in abundant quantities. Men also have some quantity of estrogen in their bodies, and they only run into trouble when it becomes dominant over the male hormone, testosterone. It is then you see men developing female characteristics such as breasts and soft voice.

Beyond the voice and breast issues, Ashiru warns that wild fluctuations in the activities of estrogen and testosterone can lead to weak, soft, unproductive testicles.

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Hormone fluctuation affects men, too

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