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Andropause is identified as a drop in androgens, the overall grouping of male hormones. They are made in the testes and in the adrenal gland (a small gland located above the kidney that produces a significant number of hormones). The main functions of androgens are:

In men, androgens are known to affect muscle, bone, the central nervous system, prostate, bone marrow and sexual function.

We know that testosterone causes the androgenic effects, determining and shaping the male reproductive tract in an infant as well as the development of secondary sexual characteristics (body hair and male pattern baldness are examples). In addition, androgens are responsible for prenatal differentiation of the male fetus and for the development of the male reproductive tract. Androgens play an important role in stimulating and maintaining sexual function in men. Testosterone is necessary for normal libido, ejaculation, and spontaneous erections.

Anabolic effects are those that promote growth. They affect other tissues such as muscle mass and bone density. Androgens increase lean body mass and affect body weight as well. Androgens are required to maintain bone density in men. It is still not clear whether the androgens are needed themselves to affect the bone or whether it is important that they be present so that when they are converted to estrogens, the estrogens have an effect on the density of the bones.

Androgens can affect red blood cell production and they appear to have an effect on blood fats and cholesterol. The most well-known effect of androgens is their effect on growth of the prostate. They affect both the non-cancerous and potentially cancerous cells in the prostate.

Androgens also play an activating role in cognitive function throughout life, keeping men sharp and alert. The relationship between androgens and mood is still unclear, but in-depth exploration has begun.

Androgen Decrease

If you have andropause you may be wondering how you got it. Other factors may be contributors, but the primary one is that as men get older, their testes dont work as well. Something called leydic cells produce testosterone less frequently and in a lesser quantity.

Other reasons are that the hormones that produce testosterone just arent creating as much and some of that testosterone is being converted to other hormones like estradiol and DHT.


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Low T/Andropause - Maze Men's Sexual & Reproductive Health

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