New Patent Issued – Truffle Mushroom Has Medicinal Qualities – Initiates Increased Hormone Production

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Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

A simple method to reverse declining hormone levels during middle age has been discovered and patented. Dr. Moshe Shifrine has been culturing and researching truffle mushrooms for more than 30 years. He found from his studies that when the molecules of the truffle bind with receptors in the olfactory bulb, it stimulates the body to initiate production of testosterone in men and in women, affecting and improving many areas normally in decline during the stage commonly known as middle-age.

Truffle, specifically the black diamond truffle (Tuber melanosporum), is a mushroom naturally containing androstenol (hormone). Dr. Shifrine's cultured truffle also contains testosterone which is not detected in the wild truffle, although the DNA of both truffles is identical.

After culturing and growing the truffles organically via hydroponics, the truffle is dried and ground to powder. It is then extracted in grain alcohol for the purpose of olfaction. When smelled, the truffle molecules in the extract bind with receptors in the olfactory bulb. The receptors send a signal to the brain which relays a message to the mechanisms within the body to produce testosterone. Women need and naturally produce testosterone, in smaller amounts than men, most of which converts to estradiol in the ovaries.

The patent includes other scientific references that corroborate the findings about hormones; maintaining higher levels of hormone production beginning around the age of 50 improves fat metabolism, helps maintain muscle mass and bone strength, and affects overall energy and feelings of well-being. In women hormone levels directly affect menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings and anxiety levels. Stress-related cortisol levels balance at an inverse proportion with testosterone levels. The scientific community agrees that there is a correlation between low steroidal hormone levels during andropause and menopause and an increased likelihood to develop Alzheimer's disease indicating that increasing hormones during midlife would likely prevent the disease in many people.

Dr. Shifrine says, "Culinary references that truffles are an aphrodisiac goes back to antiquity. It was brought into the modern era by Brillat-Savarin who wrote 'The physiology of Taste' in 1825. He alluded that the effect of truffle on women is erotic. No explanation of truffles as an aphrodisiac was ever presented."

It is only recently that Dr. Moshe Shifrine discovered that French truffles contain testosterone. He states, Testosterone is known as "the hormone of desire" and finding it in truffle now presents credible underpinning to the notion of an aphrodisiac effect from truffles."

Dr. Shifrine started a company in 2012 called TAroma. TAroma currently sells the truffle extract online through two websites: a general site and a site specifically focused on issues of menopause Currently TAroma has an alliance with one international distributor (UK) covering England and S. Ireland.

For more information about this article, you can contact Dr. Shifrine or TAroma through the websites or by telephone (505) 469-8940.

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New Patent Issued - Truffle Mushroom Has Medicinal Qualities - Initiates Increased Hormone Production

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