Symptoms of Andropause (Male Menopause): Low Testosterone …

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What are Andropause Symptoms?

As weve said, andropause is not a sudden condition; it creeps up on you gradually. You might detect the onset of andropause symptoms if any or all of these occur:

Understand that these are symptom guidelines. Andropause affects different men in different ways and to different degrees. Some men get one or two of these symptoms, and may just notice the other andropause symptoms occurring minimally or not at all.

The symptoms listed above may be a result of low testosterone. There are various medical solutions, including testosterone replacement therapy. If you think you may be experiencing andropause, take the ADAM Questionnaire below and speak to a medical professional.

As you work your way through this website, take the ADAM Questionnaire if youre concerned that you might have andropause. Its a simple and effective way to detect this condition. Now, just because you have some of these symptoms doesnt necessarily mean you have andropause. It could be some other cause, so a blood test is the best way to make a diagnosis.

If you feel you may have andropause, take the ADAM Questionnaire.

To learn more about testosterone therapy, please call Dr. Werner's office at (646) 380-2700 in NYC, (914) 997-4100 in Westchester, or (203) 831-9900 in Connecticut, or send us an email at


Symptoms of Andropause (Male Menopause): Low Testosterone ...

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