Testosterone Cypionate A Gentle Way to Elevate …

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Are you looking for a suitable drug that can put an end to low testosterone? Testosterone cypionate can come in handy especially if you are a newbie to testosterone injections!

Testosterone cypionate more commonly known as depo testosterone is a formulation that resembles natural testosterone. It is recommended for people with low levels of this hormone or with some deficiency that leads to complete absence testosterone. Basically, this long acting formulation is esterified and can only be administered through an injection. Testosterone cypionate is an anabolic steroid that is prepared in cotton seed or sesame oil. It is injected in the buttock region from where it is slowly released in around 7-12 days. Appearance of this drug is a white milky powder that can only be dissolved in organic solvents but is insoluble in water.

Testosterone like other hormones is the chemical messengers of your body. They maintain a steady equilibrium in your body by telling your endocrine system what to do next. For the hormones to fulfill their tasks, it is important to find their receptors. When testosterone binds to its receptor, a response is elicited which results in muscle growth. When an individual has low testosterone, his muscle growth is severely hampered. But when you take cypionate injections, this artificial hormone will bond to the testosterone receptors. This drug is not just responsible for promoting muscle growth but also for improving your strength and endurance.

Normally, the body secretes sufficient levels of sex hormones to maintain your physiological characteristics. Hormones like testosterone leads to the growth of secondary sexual characteristics. This also involves the growth of male testis, prostate, penis and body hair. Some other changes include thickening of vocal cords, changes in body fat levels and development of musculature. Due to testosterone deficiency, the secondary sexual traits and normal development of the body is hampered. Testosterone therapy is usually suggested for infertile individuals or those having low testosterone.

The fact that it is a legal drug makes it widely popular in athletes and/or bodybuilders. Testosterone or its analogues are steroids that contribute to enhancing your musculature and stimulating your psyche. The athletes using this drug admit that it causes sudden bursts of energy along with aggression. This feature is primarily of use to weight lifters. Some professional wrestlers taking testosterone cypionate also claim that it increases their stamina and allows them to endure through long sessions of exercise. The natural testosterone also has some ananbolic properties but is mainly an androgenic agent.

This oil based steroid is ideal for muscle building and in supplementing your strength. This drug is used by beginners with low testosterone symptoms because it has a mild and gradual affect as compared to other steroids. If you are new to using testosterone cypionate, you need to emphasize on details like the dosage or the means of administration.

Testosterone cypionate is primarily administered through injections which is why the effects are not so rapid. You may not feel any difference in 3-4 weeks after the first injection. As opposed to the oral formulations, injections show their effects gradually and last longer in your system. When these injections are taken for 4-6 weeks and longer, they will increase your overall mass and speed up your protein anabolism. Injections of testosterone cypionate are also used in conditions the cells fail to secrete normal levels of testosterone. These conditions include:

Rarely any side effects appear when a low dosage of testosterone cypionate is injected. While a long term use of this drug is linked to several side effects that can be reversed once the drug administration has been stopped. Just like other anabolic steroids, the side effects associated with this drug include:

The formulation of testosterone cypionate is given through injections which can only be applied in muscle tissues. Specifically designed for intramuscular administration, these injections are available in either 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml strengths. It is recommended to inject the drug in the buttocks after every 7-12 days for maximum results. At a time, whole of testosterone will remain bound to the protein while only 2% will be available and is secreted in to the blood. However, it is not advisable for body builders or athletes to inject it every other day.

This may lead to abscess formation, sores and some skin infections. Moreover, a single site cant be used for injection every time. For rotating the site, the suspension can be injected in arms or in abdomen. On average, the dose of cypionate has to be within the range of 50-400mg/week. However, the dosage can vary according to the condition of the patient. After injection, it is gradually secreted in the blood stream over the next few days.

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Testosterone Cypionate A Gentle Way to Elevate ...

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