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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 17th, 2023
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Testosterone cypionate injections are the most popular form of testosterone for men who want to revitalize and rejuvenate themselves, after discovering they might have hypogonadism or low-T (low testosterone levels). Testosterone cypionate is just one type of testosterone therapy available on the market today (testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, etc.) and must be used via injection. It is currently the most prescribed type.

How to Get “Jacked” 

Testosterone cypionate is an injectable androgen, or male hormone replacement drug, that is prescribed for use in men with low testosterone levels. While testosterone cypionate and similar androgens are frequently used by people wishing to build muscle mass, the U.S Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, does not approve this drug for use in bodybuilding, especially bodybuilding competitions. Testosterone cypionate, like any drug, may have serious side effects if abused and when not used under a doctor's supervision.

Priapism: Frequent Penile Erections — or Having “Wood” All the Time

Men using testosterone cypionate may develop a painful and serious side effect called priapism. Priapism causes prolonged and frequent penile erections without any sexual stimulus. However, this side effect is considered rare but may become more frequent if men inject very high doses. In one case, a patient was accidentally given 10x the prescribed dose and experienced priapism. Sudden exposure to testosterone after a period of deprivation can also cause priapism to take place. If you are on a TRT program, do your best to never skip a dose and only inject the amount prescribed.

Sex Drive Increase is Common, Sex Drive Decrease is Rare

Increases and decreases in sexual drive have both been reported. However, sex drive increase is the most common and a decrease in sex drive is rare when using testosterone. One of the main reasons for going on a TRT program is to increase sex drive! Especially in older men who are experiencing a lack of libido and minimal to no erections.

Testosterone is a sex hormone, necessary for fertility, sperm production and erections. Even women need a small amount of testosterone which helps them “get in the mood” and feel amorous.

An interesting connection between lifestyle and testosterone production relates to weight gain. If you are overweight and have low-T, you will most likely experience increased belly fat. Unfortunately, belly fat increases the production of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. If you already have low-T, now your small supply is being even more depleted! As estrogen levels increase, testosterone and sex drive decrease.

Testosterone Abuse and Sperm Production

Testosterone cypionate may affect sperm production and fertility, particularly in younger men, the Cleveland Clinic warns. A decrease in ejaculation volume may also occur, with use. The Cleveland Clinic claims that replacement testosterone has a strong negative effect on sperm production. This is due to the fact that the supplemental testosterone is telling the body that there is enough testosterone and to not produce any more. The testicles stop making testosterone on their own which, in turn, causes sperm production to stop or slow down.

This side effect can be reversed by stopping the TRT program. If a patient is trying to have children, they should not undergo TRT. They should either wait until they are done fathering children or postpone having children until their hormone balance issues are healed with HRT.

Testosterone Abuse and Testicular Shrinkage, When Not Used with HCG

Some men experience a decrease in testicle size, when using testosterone without HCG injections simultaneously. When using testosterone, use HCG injections to maintain natural testicular size. Testosterone cypionate doesn't have to make your testicles shrink if you take the necessary precautions while on a TRT program.

This precaution includes the simultaneous use of HCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG mimics the effects of Luteinizing Hormone in men and therefore stimulates the natural production of testosterone in the testes, an unfortunate side effect as mentioned above, that causes infertility and low sperm production. The issues of low sperm production, testicular shrinkage and possibly fertility can be mitigated by using HCG when on the TRT program.

Testosterone Abuse — Women Clitoris Enlargement

When abusing testosterone, women may see a possible irreversible increase in the size of the clitoris. Many women have reported increased orgasm strength and frequency as a result of clitoral enlargement while some women noticed no major differences in frequency or intensity of orgasms. Remember, adverse side effects can be mitigated or dramatically reduced when TRT is done under proper doctor-supervision.

To learn more about how to use Testosterone cypionate injections and its safety profile, fill out the contact form on this webpage and then call us. You CAN avoid the side effects of testosterone if you use testosterone under physician supervision. Contact us today!

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