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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 16th, 2020
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Until anabolic steroids were outlawed under the moniker doping, male athletes turned to Testosterone Cypionate as the most popular way to increase their athletic abilities, build muscle and give themselves PED advantage in sports.

It was considered a bit stronger than other testosterones available, such as testosterone enanthate and propionate.

But guys being as resourceful as possible ... the black market is now ripe with steroids online including versions of Testosterone Cypionate such as the Mexican-based Sten and Spanish Testex. Though these should be avoided, one should only go through a U.S. based clinic to get Testosterone replacement therapy to treat low t symptoms.

But you need to be cautious about counterfeit clones of Testosterone Cypionate which can be dangerous to your health. Legal but fake powder knockoffs now flood the market as a way to allow bodybuilders access to the benefits of Testosterone Cypionate without fear of repercussions from the governments crackdown on steroid consumption. At least that is what these products claim, but the truth is these products are misleading amino acid cocktails that anyone can buy in GNC.

Mens bodies use testosterone to fuel their ability to build muscle mass. Testosterone Cypionate can be an expensive way to build your body since it runs anywhere from $150 to $250 for a 200 mg vial. But one of the reasons Testosterone Cypionate is so popular is because of the prolonged effect it has on its users, which maximizes your investment. While a single 200-400 mg dose of the drug would last for 2 to 4 weeks, many athletes take up to 2,000 mg per week which is very dangerous and puts you at a high risk of deleterious side effects.

If taking the steroid, make sure you're getting the real deal. Because of its cost, many people are duped into buying vials that do not contain any Testerone Cypionate at all. Vials are sold in 50-250 mg doses. As long as the steroid is used properly, toxicity and liver damage is not a major risk. However, if you plan on taking Testeosterone Cypionate, or any other kind of androgen in general, make sure you drink lots of water since it causes sodium retention. Be aware there are other side effects from abuse like acne, and anger management difficulties.

Like many steroids, Testosterone Cypionate can have adverse side effects such as decreased ejaculation volume, which returns to normal after stopping intake of the drug. The steroid is injected into the muscle tissue and releases slowly over time, so side effects may not subside immediately but after the Testosterone Cypionate is completely eliminated from your body.

Some post-cycle products can help alleviate any symptoms you may be suffering from taking Testosterone Cypionate, such as HCG shots. They can help restore your natural testosterone levels. Whether you're a beginning bodybuilder or an old pro at amassing bulk weight and muscle, Testosterone Cypionate is appealing because it doesn't require daily doses and the results are fast and amazing in comparison to other steroids.

Other compounds can be stacked with Testosterone Cypionate to make the results even more attractive, like HGH injections or injectable Sermorelin Acetate. Some have more side effects than others but do more to create mass gain. Others, when paired with testosterone Cypionate, have few side effects, but don't contribute to your bodybuilding efforts as much. Testosterone Cypionate will give you the mass you're seeking, while another compound can enhance other areas of your performance, such as aerobic ability or appetite.


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