Testosterone Injection Replacement Therapy for Low-T

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 17th, 2023
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Are you over 30 years old and feel like you need testosterone treatment for a male midlife crisis?

growth-hormone-health-deficiencyIs it Low-T? Well, guess what, you're not alone! Millions of American men over the age of 30 are experiencing this early health crisis causing quality of life issues.

In fact, it's inevitable, having everything to do with genetics and lifestyle for the most part.

There are men, of course, who have physical accidents that were not anticipated, or significant health concerns came about via stressful, high-risk jobs, but chances are, your quality of life issues, came about upon you in a way that seemed to sneak up on you slowly, and then you looked inward and realized you were no longer your old self.

There is no longer a need to feel that this is an inevitable part of life. Testosterone hormone therapy is indeed one of the greatest medical miracles of our modern time when conducted under physician recommendations and based on one's blood analysis.

Our physicians prescribe the best testosterone hormone programs that are based entirely on medical science.

Male Testosterone versus Female Testosterone

Men produce about seven to ten times more testosterone than females do. New studies have shown that young men who do not provide enough testosterone become obese, infertile and tend to visually have smaller penises (testosterone is vital for penis growth and development).

Testosterone levels are different from boy to boy, man to man, and girl to girl, woman to woman, because of genetics and lifestyle factors, but one thing is inevitable: Testosterone declines with age and this decline is responsible for a number of age-related medical symptoms and declining health.

The most effective way to replace declining testosterone levels and fight the symptoms of aging is exercise, diet science, and TRT. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is the secret ingredient for ensuring men's health when all other lifestyle factors are optimized.

Testosterone Hormone Replacement for treating low testosterone levels is conducted with injections (the most popular method), cream or gel (second most popular method), patches, and pellets (the least common practice).

Finding out how much testosterone to take requires a simple blood test that measures many different hormone factors.

Contact us at the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy to get you setup locally within your city to take a blood test at LabCorp for measuring your hormone levels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men and Boys

The vast majority of people using Testosterone Replacement Therapy are men and boys with testosterone deficiency problems.

It is rare that boys have testosterone deficiency. But there are many instances where natural secretion in boys is deficient, due to medical problems or injury. In boys, testosterone treats hormonal imbalances, impotence and delayed puberty.

In adult men, Testosterone is used to treat the symptoms of aging associated with muscle decline, fat gain, mental fogginess, mood swings, depression, lack of motivation and fatigue.

Low testosterone is strongly linked with heart disease and obesity. In fact, more than a third of men who get heart attacks have low testosterone.

Many people overlook the fact that the heart is a muscle and testosterone plays a central role in muscle health and maintenance.

Testosterone Shot Dosage for Injections or Testosterone Cream Dosage

The dosage of testosterone injections depends on the individual's Testosterone deficiency levels and replenishment need of the patient, who is seeking treatment.

Testosterone levels are calculated based on blood test results and compared with an individual's height, weight, gender and other health factors associated with quality of life.

How long a person should go on a testosterone program depends upon the symptoms, desired results, and medical-need based on physician and patient recommendations.

In other words, most Testosterone Replacement Therapy programs are co-created, meaning the patient and physician work together to determine the dosage.

We do not provide Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men who are looking for bodybuilding enhancement or professional athletes, but if you are an actual adult male who has lost some of his lust for life, then contact us for a no-obligation discussion about hormone replacement treatment options for men.

The Frequency of Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are typically done once (most common) or twice a week at a lower dose (less common), and sometimes HCG injections are included in a Testosterone program to ensure the testicles stay nice and full, and don't shrink.

HCG is fantastic because it stimulates your own natural production of Testosterone and keeps the testicles nicely plump.

Testosterone injection doses are determined to increase your own levels to the optimal zone and vary from patient to patient based on your blood work, age, physical size and quality of life factors.

Testosterone injections are done "IM" which is short for Intramuscular. Typically the testosterone shots are done in the deltoid muscle where the arm meets the shoulder.

From there, the testosterone distributes slowly into the body. Another favorite place to do the testosterone shot is in the buttocks, in the high hip pocket area to avoid the sciatic nerve.

Study a simple human body muscle chart that includes the nerves to see where you can safely inject.

Testosterone injections are not done subcutaneously (into the fat or adipose tissue) or into the veins (intravenously), only the muscles via IM, as we stated -- Intramuscularly.

This is a critical thing to remember when doing your program. We can explain in detail how to do testosterone shots, whereas cream can only be massaged behind the knee or on the forearms.

What are Your Testosterone Levels as Time Goes On?

buy-gel-online-testosterone-chartTestosterone Levels should be measured every 3 to 6 months via blood test, to ensure the patient is always in their own optimal zone.

If T levels are too high and for too long, side effects can occur, including testicular shrinkage, acne, aggression, unhealthy risk-taking, and over ambitiousness.

Follow the doctor's orders and stay in the optimal zone, and follow the Testosterone program protocols correctly. Testosterone is a fantastic hormone, but it can also be dangerous if abused -- never abuse Testosterone and follow scientific safety guidelines our doctors provide you with.

HCG injections and estrogen blockers are an integral part of an injectable testosterone program. We can explain how these simple programs work.

Benefits of Testosterone Injections

Testosterone makes it possible to develop muscle fiber growth and regeneration, via the synthesis of protein.

Testosterone is also known for making the actual muscle cells larger in size, whereas HGH is known to stimulate muscle cells numerically.

The level of testosterone in your body has everything to do with the size, strength, development, and repair of muscles.

This is why professional athletes, movie stars, Olympians and other people who are aesthetically conscious, use testosterone, to give themselves a competitive advantage. Because of this trend, people who do not use testosterone injections often find themselves being out-competed.

This is an ethical and moral problem in athletics, sports, and Hollywood. People are using Testosterone to get an unfair cutting edge, but understand testosterone legally cannot be prescribed for these aesthetic reasons -- it has to be prescribed for quality of life and medical issues associated with andropause and hypogonadism (Low T).

Testosterone is excellent for building lean, young looking, healthy muscles that give you a nice physique and also for ridding the body of unwanted fat accumulation around the midsection -- this indeed is a benefit, but it can not be prescribed for this reason alone.

If you would like to start a testosterone cypionate, enanthate or propionate shot program, fill out the confidential Quality of Life Questionaire.

Side Effects of Long-Term Testosterone Abuse

Symptoms of steroid abuse and wrong implementation of hormones include edema (water retention), swelling, acne and rapid gain in body mass.

Other symptoms include long ongoing erections of the penis that won't go down, pain in joints or bones, loss of appetite and increased thirst, vomiting, and pain in the stomach are also caused by an abuse of Testosterone.

In some cases, there is twitching of muscles, and memory problems, besides weakness with extreme abuse of high doses.

In men, abuse of testosterone can lead to testicle shrinkage, facial acne, backne (acne on the back), general pimples, high red blood count (high number of oxygen-carrying cells), sleep apnea and anger management issues.

Remember to stay in the optimal zone with testosterone, too much or too little is unhealthy.

In a woman, prolonged high doses of testosterone, can "turn a woman into a man," not genetically or genitally, but physically, as in her outward appearance.

A woman who abuses testosterone at high doses may develop robust chiseled facial features, chest hair, faint beards, and healthy, ripped muscles; breasts may shrink and flatten out, the clitoris enlarges, and becomes very sensitive, in women who abuse testosterone at high doses.

Women who abuse testosterone have reported irregularities in their menstrual cycle, substantial clitoris growth so that it looks like a penis, and male pattern baldness.

Testosterone injections can have amazing anti-aging and aesthetic benefits, but it should never be abused in high doses like anything else, proper treatments are a must based entirely on doctor recommendations and blood analysis.

Find out about the proper guidelines for using testosterone via one of our health consultants, don't be shy, you can ask us questions, there is no obligation to get on a program, but we are more than happy to answer general questions about costs, benefits, side effects, dangers, and applications.

Contact us at the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Medical Clinic to find out about our testosterone replacement therapy programs at the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Testosterone Scams Online

Consumers should Beware of homeopathic testosterone powders, or pills, if the testosterone wasn't prescribed by a board-certified physician and provided to the patient from a licensed pharmacy, then its probably fake.

We only provide board-certified physician specialist testosterone programs. If you see something on the Internet about testosterone powders and pills, it's probably a scam.

There are many companies hawking testosterone boosters that are nothing more than vitamin and amino acid wrapped in sexy powders and pills.

Know this; you will only get a placebo effect at best, only real testosterone injections and cream can increase your levels.

Transdermal testosterone cream, creme, or gel

Prescription transdermal testosterone cream, creme, or gel is one of the best delivery systems of testosterone because the distribution is steady, versus injections which are typically done once a week with peaks and valleys.

With Testosterone cream or gel, your testosterone levels will be more steady, whereas, with testosterone injections, your testosterone will spike and valley over a 4 to 5 day period.

Most people like injectable testosterone because it's low maintenance, that is done once or twice a week, whereas testosterone cream or gel, you add every day in the morning or evening after a shower.

Study Testosterone Scams on Our Website

Continue to explore our website, we have put hundreds of videos from people, companies, and groups hawking Testosterone scams on the Internet, so you can see for yourself and be aware of the scams out there.

We feature all sorts of companies on our web site promising all kinds of ideological nonsense with their testosterone scam products, so you see for yourself how compelling they are, and how quickly they dupe people.

The bottom line, these testosterone scams are here on our website, so you can see how many scams are out there on the world wide web.

If you want to get on a REAL Testosterone program, contact us, our number is below or fill out our contact form.

Begin your study of testosterone on our website to learn about what is real and what is fake.


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