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Predominantly found in males, testosterone hormone is also released by the female gonads and adrenal glands in small amounts. However, the testosterone levels in women is comparatively lower than men. This male sex hormone plays a key role in men regarding their physical growth and sexual development. In women, this hormone helps regulate the menstrual cycle and is also helpful in treating symptoms of menopause. At times, the normal levels of testosterone suffer a dip and may need to be replaced. A drop in the hormone levels is referred to as hypogonadism. This condition can also be caused due to nutritional deficiencies, hereditary and the presence of tumors in the body. Of late, with the advancement in the field of medicine, testosterone therapy has come into existence and is helpful in retaining the levels of this sex hormone in the body. Not only men, but also women can also make use of this therapy. It can be administered through boosters, injections, gels and other supplements. Here are some of the benefits and side effects of testosterone injections for women. Being aware of the side effects is always beneficial in the long run.

Benefits of Testosterone Supplements for Women

The body of a woman also manufactures this hormone, but once a woman reaches menopause, the levels tend to drop, leading to several problems. To combat this issue, hormone replacement therapy has come into existence. Administration of testosterone injections for men and women does have some positive effects on the overall health of an individual. After years of research, doctors have found a major breakthrough in the therapeutic use of testosterone for women.

In case the dosage exceeds its normal level, it can result in a few side effects, some minor, while some may require medical attention. Here are some of the testosterone injections side effects that must be reported to a health care provider to avoid complications.

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Testosterone Injections for Women - Buzzle

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