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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 18th, 2020
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Testosterone is a steroid hormone found in animals. In humans, it is secreted in the testes of male, ovaries of the females and the adrenal glands. Besides being important for good health, it is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics like the growth of body hair, deepening of voice and increased muscle and bone mass in men. Although testosterone is present in both men and women, men secrete about ten times as much testosterone as women. While testosterone levels vary from person to person, it is known to decline gradually with age. In such cases, some people resort to replacement therapy in the form of testosterone injections among others. Medically, testosterone injections are used mostly by men and boys to correct the conditions caused because of lower levels of this hormone in their body. It treats conditions like hormonal imbalances, impotence and delayed puberty in boys. It is also oftentimes used to treat breast cancer in women.

Testosterone injections are normally given at low doses as long as needed. The duration of the injection therapy depends on what is being treated or desired as the result. To keep the testosterone levels steady, the medication is usually prescribed once or twice daily. These injections can be administered to nearly any muscle on the body. From the muscles, it quickly enters the bloodstream.

Testosterone injections should never be administered by someone who does not have sufficient experience and knowledge about steroids. Its important that the testosterone levels in the body are monitored by a health care provider on a regular basis. Testosterone injections may have serious side effects if not administered and monitored correctly.

Testosterone injections increase the synthesis of proteins in muscles which in turn allows the muscle fiber to grow and repair faster than in an average man. Athletes use it to improve performance because it enhances muscle development, strength and endurance. Although in most sports, taking a testosterone shot is considered to be a form of doping.

Testosterone injections are now being popularly used to bulk up or simply to improve the physique and look of the body in men. Today the world of body building, as we know, is devoid of steroids and testosterone injections. Body builders resort to it as an easier and quicker way to beef up.

Have a look at our videos of how to administer testosterone injections.

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Symptoms of steroid abuse and wrong implementation include swelling and rapid gain in body weight. Other symptoms may be an increased and ongoing erection of the penis, there might be pain in bones, feeling of increased thirst, loss of appetite, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. In some cases there is twitching of muscles, and memory problems besides weakness.

Testosterone injections are related to some other adverse effects or dangers too. It aggravates sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder in which the person stops breathing intermittently during the night. It causes increase in RBC count which in turn can lead to a heart attack. Adult men receiving these injections might have enlarged breasts and in some men, the testicles might stop producing sperms leading to infertility.

In woman, an overdose of testosterone can cause irreversible changes. They might develop male characteristics like facial and body hair. Others have reported changes in menstrual periods and sometimes even baldness. As earlier stated therefore, testosterone injections should be administered with care and under the guidance of a medical expert.


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