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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 31st, 2019


If you have signs and symptoms of low testosterone that bother you or effect the quality of your living condition (quality of life), there are many choices for raising testosterone levels. Not everyone chooses treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be given using:

Buy Testosterone Gel or Cream

The most common type is skin gel or creams, which is used by about 50 out of 100 patients. The gel or cream is rubbed onto your shoulders or upper arms after a shower.

Buy Testosterone Shots

About 25 out of 100 patients use testosterone shots to treat testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone Patches in Decline of Use

Less than 5 to 10 out of 100 use testosterone patches, and the number is declining rapidly.

Testosterone Pellets

Nearly three out of 100 patients use testosterone in other forms, such as pellets placed in the body. Pellets are usually placed under the skin near the belly region and slowly release the Testosterone over an extended period of time.

Testosterone Pills Are Not Recommended

At this time, pills are not approved for use in the U.S.

When You Should Take Testosterone?

You should not take testosterone for non-medical reasons, such as bodybuilding, preventing aging changes or performance enhancement in the sports arena. Men should not take TRT if they have normal testosterone levels or if their testosterone levels have not been tested. If you have normal testosterone levels, using TRT will not help your health problems, unless there is a medical necessity. Also, if you are trying to father a child, you should not be on TRT. TRT can decrease your sperm count and fertility.

Testosterone Specialist Physicians / TRT / Testosterone Replacment Doctors

Before you take TRT, a doctor who is skilled in diagnosing low-T should scrutinize you. Your doctor should not prescribe TRT without taking an in-depth health history and giving you a physical exam and blood tests. Many of the symptoms of low-T can be the result of other health problems. Other causes of symptoms need to be ruled out before testosterone is prescribed.

Testosterone Side-Effects

Before you start TRT, your doctor should talk to you about possible side effects. Side effects can include: Anger Management Issues, Hypertension, Pimples, Aggression, Testicular Shrinkage (when testosterone is used without estrogen blockers) and Cardiovascular Risks.

Testosterone Levels Must Be Checked

If your doctor prescribes TRT, you should have regular check-ups. Your doctor should follow up with blood tests for testosterone level, PSA, and hematocrit. (PSA is a test for prostate issues including prostate cancer. Hematocrit tests your red blood cell count.) Based on your health history, your doctor may want to follow up with other tests.

Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Replacement Protocol Treatments

Discuss the benefits and risks of taking testosterone replacement therapy with your doctor. You should not be taking TRT if you do not have low levels of testosterone or side effects associated with Low-T. You should understand the possible benefits, side effects, and risks before you start taking TRT. You should also know that today's science does not offer final answers about whether taking TRT will increase your risk of prostate cancer or heart disease. There is conflicting evidence about Testosterone and prostate cancer or heart disease, but the FDA requires warnings for risks associated with Heart attacks and Strokes concerning Testosterone usage.



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