Woman Says Dentists Testosterone Gel Rubbed Off On Her During Sexual Attack, Causing Her To Grow Unsightly Body Hair

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A Texas dental receptionist is suing her former boss for allegedly sexually abusing her and making threats to keep her silent.

Jamie OBrien claims Dr. Jody D. Cremers testosterone gel also rubbed off during an attack, causing her to grow unsightly body hair."

OBrien filed a 13-page complaint against Cremer in Tarrant County Court on Sept. 23.

She claims she tried to "maintain a professional distance from the dentist," he threatened her career throughout months of alleged sexual attacks, "always with the threat that if she ever opened her mouth, she would be fired, ruined financially, and she would lose her family."

She says the first attack occurred in June 2012, when the dentist allegedly asked her to stay late after other staff had gone home.

He approached her, complaining about his wife being too fat and too old. He complained that he no longer had sex with the 'old bag, the complaint states, according to Courthouse News Service.

She says she "crouched in fear of the lecherous doctor, as the doctor ran his hand up her skirt." According to the complaint, a dental assistant walked in on the attack and was later fired without explanation.

"After the initial assault, the doctor told Ms. O'Brien that she could keep her job as long as she 'cooperates,' the complaint alleges. After that time, Cremer assaulted Ms. O'Brien at least twice a week. Cremer made sure all the employees would go home for the day, and then he would insist that Ms. O'Brien stay late. When he had her alone, Cremer would begin to assault her, take her clothes off, and having his way with her.

He sent pictures of his little erect penis to her claiming that his penis would get bigger with the testosterone injections he was getting from [nonparty] Dr. Mills, the complaint states.

At one point, Cremer was administering testosterone gelatin under his arm to increase his libido and sexual attacks on Ms. O'Brien. Cremer's sweat mixed with the gel rubbed off on his secretary during the assaults, causing her to grow unsightly bodily hair, it says. Ms. O'Brien was appalled and devastated by the assaults and the contamination from the medication."

The rest is here:
Woman Says Dentists Testosterone Gel Rubbed Off On Her During Sexual Attack, Causing Her To Grow Unsightly Body Hair

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