3 treatments to fight aging

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Published January 20, 2015

Anti-aging treatments can help solve a wide variety of age-related body changes.

People in their twenties are already getting into the anti-aging trend and they are seeking the help of doctors to preserve their skin.

Gabrielle Garritano, 25, noticed she was getting sun spots around her eyes and fine lines from sun exposure. Now she sees a doctor once a month for a Glytone undereye peel, the only peel of its kind approved for the delicate eye area.

Ive had about three now and I immediately saw a response when I saw some of the spots going away, and also firmness around my eyes, after using just one, Garritano said about her appointments with Dr. Sue Decotiis, board certified internal medicine doctor and member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

For Susan Gaeta, 44, weight loss was her biggest challenge, especially the stubborn areas around her stomach. With the help of progesterone supplement pills, she lost 30 pounds in one month and then underwent liposonix, an alternative to liposuction.

What this machine is doing is through ultrasound, its heating up the skin. And the heat is so intense that the fat cells actually melt, Decotiis said. And the patient is gonna notice a significant difference usually in about a month.

In two or three months, a patient can drop a full dress size or lose one to two inches off her waist, Decotiis said.

Another anti-aging treatment is Thermage, which boosts collagen production, and lifts and tightens the skin with the help of a radiofrequency current.

Each of these anti-aging measures can be used by women and men, but one way that age impacts men specifically is by reducing their testosterone. Fifty-two-year-old Scott Williford was prescribed a daily testosterone cream.

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3 treatments to fight aging

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