Alabaster urologist: testosterone, male menopause are growing concerns in patients

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on January 31st, 2013
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ALABASTER, Alabama -- Dr. Patrick Mills with the Urology Centers of Alabama in Alabaster is seeing an increase in questions from male patients about testosterone levels and "male menopause."

Mills said the topics are a "huge growing demand of patients" with about "75 percent of all my male patients that come in, even if I don't bring it up, they ask about their testosterone."

"That's one of the areas that is relatively underserved in the past that has come to forefront," Mills said.

Discussing the Urology Centers of Alabama's new Alabaster facility the practice is sharing with Shelby Gynecology and Obstetrics, Mills noted the increasing concerns in his patients as medical professionals and television commercials raise awareness about testosterone.

"They're almost trying to come out with this being a longevity index," Mills said about research into testosterone levels. "They are trying to link it with a lot of conditions."

Medical professionals are exploring connections between testosterone levels and a wide range of issues including heart conditions, diabetes, osteoporosis and other health conditions.

"It can be checked with simply a blood test. It can be easy to screen some for it," Mills said of the procedure related to testosterone levels.

Dr. Jason Burrus, another urologist at the Alabaster center, said symptoms that show up in men could be indicative of serious conditions. He recommended men consult with their physicians, especially as the patients get older.

"Men are notoriously bad about keeping up with their health anyway," Burrus said about the need for medical checkups.

For instance, erectile dysfunction could indicate cardiovascular issues. "If you see a young guy with erectile dysfunction, he needs to be screened for cardiovascular disease," Mills said.

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Alabaster urologist: testosterone, male menopause are growing concerns in patients

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