Testosterone and Alcohol: Your Health and the Holiday Season

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on August 24th, 2023
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During the holiday seasons which are all-year-round, depending, be conscious about your alcohol intake, because it could have a negative impact on your testosterone.

When holiday parties come around, be careful not to over imbibe alcohol, because it's something easy to do. We tend to be more carefree during the holidays. It is a sad reality, but during holidays is when people drink too much, destroy their health and get into car accidents, or are the victim of someone who is drunk driving.

It's almost a tired old thing to say, go easy on the booze, but more and more research is pointing to its negative health effects, especially on your liver and testosterone levels.

There is even some contradictory information, suggesting that small amounts of alcohol may even be beneficial. The biggest wine-drinking countries in Europe, namely France, are where people seem to have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, whether that be a heart attack or stroke.

Apparently, a small amount of wine can be beneficial. However, the problem is people tend to drink too much during holidays, so be mindful.

Make a Commitment to Not Drink Regularly for Better Health and Testosterone Levels

Don't forget that at the end of the day, Alcohol is a poison in quantity, and toxin in minimal amounts, which can slow your fitness progress and health. Make the decision to be healthy whether it is a holiday or not.

Studies show that even drinkers notice immediate health benefits after 30 days of avoidance of alcohol, with few exceptions. If you are using Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you should quit drinking alcohol altogether, which includes red wine, even in moderation.

Try to go cold turkey if you can, at least between holidays if you can't help but drink during those times. If you're hanging out with friends and family or associates during holidays, you can always fill your tumbler with water or slightly diluted juice with ice, you don't have to put booze in your drinking receptacle!

Here is an easy list of negative benefits concerning alcohol you should remember:

1) Alcohol can affect sleep: Alcohol has the ability to help you sleep deeply but then wakes you up feeling groggy if you drink too much alcohol. This will, in turn, cause you to want to eat more food.

There is a strong connection with alcohol, poor sleep, and eating more than usual. Have you noticed when you drink too much, you tend to want to gorge on food? Do you notice you don't sleep so well, waking up with a headache at times?

2) Growth Hormone is suppressed by alcohol, especially the high sugar contents in some alcohols. Growth Hormone (HGH) is what stimulates the regeneration of cells. If you are focusing on a more fitness-oriented life where you are active and work out, you want your growth hormone levels to be in the 200s range.

3) Have you noticed Alcohol doesn't always make you randy or a sexual rhinoceros? Many people have mixed opinions on alcohol and sex.

One study showed that women who drink a lot of red wine, tend to have a higher libido, so there is some conflicting data on the mixture of alcohol and sex drive, so be conscious about taking too much liquor, you don't want to pass out when your partner wants some nookie.

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