Are Low Testosterone Drugs Worth The Risks?

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) For millions of men trying to fight the effects of aging, theres a drug that claims to make you stronger, smarter, and more virile but is it worth the risk?

An Androgel commercial and website encourage men to try testosterone replacement drugs.

I thought well it might be something good for me, said Edward Downes. So with that ya know I decided why not give it a shot.

But after about two years of using Androgel, 51-year old Downes had a stroke, which he blames on the drug.

I was in a lot of pain, dizziness, confusion, said Downes.

Hes still struggling to recover and now plans to sue.

Scott Levensten is Downes lawyer. We believe theres an egregious failure to warn in the package insert, in the television advertising and had Mr. Downes known of the risk of heart attack and stroke, he never would have taken this product.

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Are Low Testosterone Drugs Worth The Risks?

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