Britons have more sex in August than in any other month

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Britons have the most sex in June, July, and August Scientists say sunlight boosts levels of feel-good hormone serotonin and dopamine, and of testosterone Could also be because people are wearing less clothes and are more likely to be on holiday


British couples have more sex in August than any other month, according to a new survey.

Scientists believe this is because sunlight raises levels of the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, and of sex-boosting testosterone.

Previous research has shown that men have up to 33 per cent more testosterone flowing through their bodies in June than in January, and it is known that men with more testosterone have more orgasms.

Britons have more sex in August than any other month. This could be because sunlight raises levels of feel-good hormones, and of testosterone

This is supported by a recent study from the Medical University of Gras in Austria, which revealed that men with more Vitamin D in their blood also have more testosterone in their blood.

As Vitamin D levels can be boosted by sunlight, the researchers concluded that men are more likely to have high testosterone levels in the summer.

The poll, carried out by sex toy company Lovehoney, revealed that August is not the only summer month that inspires love-making July was found to be the second sexiest month, and June the third.

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Britons have more sex in August than in any other month - and it's all thanks to surging testosterone levels

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