Can Testosterone Restore Women’s Sex Drive?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 18th, 2023
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It's evident that Testosterone is a central aspect of masculine form and function, but most people aren't aware that Testosterone plays an influential role in women's health and wellness.

Women produce significantly less Testosterone than men. In fact, they circulate about 5% of the Testosterone that a man secretes daily.

Some research has been conducted regarding Testosterone Therapy for Women, but these studies have been small and do not prove the long-term effectiveness and safety of Feminine Testosterone HRT.

Though women produce much less testosterone than men, they still experience Testosterone Decline, which can become problematic during and after menopause.

In women, testosterone is secreted by the Ovaries and Adrenal glands, and as female hormone production drops, so can Testosterone Levels. Because women produce so much less Testosterone, they can be susceptible to age-related Testosterone Decline.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone in Women?

Testosterone is a central aspect of sexual desire and function in both sexes. In men, Testosterone is responsible for facilitating desire and encouraging erection and pleasure.

In women, Testosterone also promotes sex drive, while also helping with proper lubrication.

Low-T in women not only leads to low sex drive, but it can also suppress orgasms and lead to feelings of pain and discomfort during sex.

While Testosterone is most well known for supporting normal sexual function, the cholesterol-based Hormone is responsible for promoting wellness in some other ways.

For women, Testosterone facilitates strong hair, increases focus, bolsters mood, strengthens bones, enhances energy levels, and supports healthy body composition.

While Feminine Hormone Replacement Therapy can relieve many symptoms associated with menopause, such as lack of focus, weight gain, hot flashes, and night sweats, it is secondary to Testosterone regarding libido.

Many Hormone Clinics Offer Testosterone for Women

While Testosterone has not been indicated for women by the Food and Drug Administration, there are many Hormone Clinics and Endocrinologists that offer Off-Label Prescription Testosterone for women dealing with low libido stemming from Menopause.

It's not something every Hormone Doctor will do, but many will provide this service to patients, in spite of it not being sanctioned by the FDA.

It's important to note that women can experience side effects from too much Testosterone, such as acne, auxiliary hair growth, clitoris enlargement, and deepening voice.

There is also the chance of increased risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as hair loss.

If you do decide to choose Low-T Treatments for Women, it's essential to work with a highly experienced and thorough Hormone Therapy Provider to minimize the risk of accidental overdose, which is the cause of significant side effects under most circumstances.

While there isn't a significant amount of clinical data regarding Bio-Identical Testosterone for women, there is a lot of anecdotal data and a relatively large chorus of satisfied women.

How Can I Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

While Prescription Testosterone can relieve symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency in women, many women choose to forgo treatment because of the potential risks associated with the therapy.

While Low-T for Women has some distinct drawbacks, there are lots of things that you can do to spur improved Testosterone Balance.

One of the best ways to boost Testosterone is through exercise! Both High-Intensity Interval Training and Strength training are highly effective means to enhance Free and Total Testosterone.

The human body releases Testosterone in response to anaerobic exercise, along with Human Growth Hormone, to heal and strengthen muscles. These forms of exercise also increase metabolism, which improves Testosterone Levels by suppressing the influence of body fat.

A healthy diet also encourages Testosterone Balance because it feeds the Adrenal glands and Ovaries the nutrients needed to produce healthy levels of Testosterone.

Proper nutrition also helps because body fat encourages lower Testosterone Levels and higher Esterification of Testosterone.

Alcohol has a similar effect on Hormone Balance as adipose fat, so you should also control your alcohol consumption to support improved Testosterone Production.

When Should Testosterone be Prescribed for Women?

Testosterone is generally only suggested for women who are still interested in restoring libido and sex drive after other methods have proven ineffective.

For many women, Estrogen Replacement is sufficient to enhance sex drive. Also, it's important to survey one's psychological health and the strength of social or romantic bonds before initiating Bio-Identical Testosterone.

In Australia and many other countries, Androfeme is a prescription Testosterone Product designed specifically for women and is a 1% Testosterone Blend.

In the United States, Feminine Testosterone Products are generally available only via Compounding Pharmacies that create Low-Dose Testosterone for Women.

Will Testosterone Therapy Become a Normal Aspect of Menopause Treatment in the Future?

While Bio-Identical Testosterone Treatments are primarily only prescribed to men at this time, the small but growing body of research shows that women may derive real benefits from Prescription Testosterone.

While we do not encourage women to turn to Testosterone to boost sex drive at this time, we are excited to see what the future holds for this area of Hormone Replacement Therapy, and we may change our recommendations in the future to reflect new evidence.

In the meantime, we offer a variety of quality Hormone Products for women!

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