Could Low-T Affect Employment Status?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2022
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Testosterone plays a clear role in how we think and feel. It inevitably affects the choices we make and the opportunities that we create for ourselves. Endocrinologists, sociologists, and other researchers continue to explore how Hormone Balance impacts life and livelihood for men affected by the effects of Testosterone Deficiency. Past studies have shown that Testosterone is linked to confidence, assertiveness, competitiveness, and even financial success. A study published this year examined how Testosterone affected men's ability to bounce back from unemployment after being laid off the job.

The 21st century has thus far had its share of problems involving career stability. While it's easier to find a job now than it was in 2008, many men still struggle to find opportunities that suit their expertise. For many men, their career is a huge part of their identity. With that in mind, it's easy to see that men are liable to lose their sense of self when they are let go from employment. For some men, getting laid off is a bigger emotional hit than losing a spouse to divorce or even death. Some men are almost literally married to their job, and the loss of that foundation of self can be devastating.

Having a Job is Important to Men's Wellbeing

Chronic unemployment is both a mental and physical health issue. Men that stay without a job are at increased risk of substance abuse, suicide, and overall mortality risk. Around one in ten employees will lose their job this year, so it's a public health issue that will inevitably impact the lives of millions.

While it's important to examine how job loss impacts men's lives, it's also critical for researchers to investigate the factors which help guys regain their economic footing and find new employment. Why do some men find it so much easier to get hired than others? For some men, losing their job is a disaster; for others—a stepping stone to bigger and better things. How do our Hormones influence our job prospects? Peter Eibich and his team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Demographics Research aimed to learn more.

Does Testosterone Insulate Men from Unemployment?

Peter Eibich released his findings in a recent addition of Economics and Human Biology. The study utilized demographic and health data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study, which contains a wealth of data on the lives of people from the United Kingdom, including Men's Testosterone Levels and Job Status. This study builds on previous work that shows that Testosterone can have a beneficial influence on factors that can lead to success, like appetite for risk and desire for dominance.

Researchers gathered pertinent data from 2115 males aged 25 to 64. All of these men had Testosterone Levels taken and were of known employment status. The UK Survey checks back in with participants in regular intervals, so Eibich checked to see how the men fared over multiple waves. Eibich found that men that were initially unemployed were more likely to find employment by the second wave if they had average or better Testosterone Levels. It's hypothesized that Testosterone puts men in a better position to recover from unemployment, at least partially due to its effects on drive, motivation, and other traits associated with the hormone.

Testosterone is critical to men's health and can affect social status in subtle ways. If you're concerned about your Hormone Balance and think you may have Low-T, don't be afraid to seek answers and HRT Treatment!

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