Covid-19 May Impair Testosterone Levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 22nd, 2023
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The global battle against Coronavirus yields a wealth of information about how the human body goes to war against disease.

It also clearly reveals the after-effects of such efforts. Recent studies have explored the potential correlation between Testosterone Levels and Coronavirus.

Many studies have shown that men with Low-T are more susceptible to Covid-19. Men with Testosterone Deficiency are more likely to experience severe complications from the disease, even when taking other competing factors into account.

Turkish medical researchers provide new evidence that Covid-19 not only hits Low-T men harder but it also depletes natural Testosterone Production as a symptom of the condition.

Previous studies have revealed that Testosterone has a strong supportive effect on the immune response of the respiratory system. Patients taking Testosterone Therapy are less likely to go to the hospital for COPD symptoms, for one example.

Covid-19 More Dangerous for Men Than Women

There's growing evidence that Testosterone Deficiency is a major risk factor for Covid-19 Hospitalization among men. It's clear that men die from Coronavirus at a higher rate than women. This Turkish study is the first of its kind to show that Covid-19 impairs the body's ability to produce Testosterone.

This study links male ICU admissions to Low Testosterone Levels. Because Testosterone is so important to respiratory immunity, it's hypothesized that diminished Testosterone puts the lungs at greater risk of respiratory infection. Furthermore, Low-T increases the overall mortality risk among men that are admitted into intensive care.

Low-T Leads to Worse Covid-19 Symptoms

Researchers discovered that Covid-19 severity had a strong negative correlation with Testosterone Levels among patients monitored. The lower the Testosterone, the worse that the Coronavirus symptoms tended to be. Also, men with asymptomatic Covid-19 had higher levels of Testosterone than those admitted to ICU.

Lastly, patients that died from Covid-19 tended to have the lowest Testosterone Levels of all. Even patients that self-reported as Asymptomatic seemed to have some mild effects from Coronavirus. Around 65% of Asymptomatic patients reported a decline in sex drive.

This study provides evidence that Testosterone Levels should be checked if a patient tests positive for Covid-19. Testosterone Treatments may improve the prognosis for patients that aren't producing enough Testosterone.

This could greatly help patients with Chronic Low-T, as well as patients suffering from Testosterone Depletion due to the Coronavirus.

Testosterone Therapy for Improved Health and Vitality, and Medical Outcomes

If you believe that you're struggling with Testosterone Deficiency, there are HRT Clinics nationwide that specialize in restoring Hormone Balance with Prescription Testosterone and other medical remedies.

Clinical Low-T can have a tremendous impact on your health and wellness and puts you at increased risk of several dangerous medical disorders. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is more affordable and effective than ever, and you owe it to yourself to reach out to a qualified medical professional!

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