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This came in as a question from one of my female readers. I suffered with fibroid tumors, large ones, and solved the problem without surgery. It took a half year or more with effort to reduce them. Mine caused several emergency visits along with job problems.

Fibroid tumors grow in the uterine wall because of the several factors below:

#1 Estrogen Dominant (Excess estrogen production): This creates an imbalance of estrogen in the body. Excess estrogen causes belly fat, water retention, and hormonal problems. The excess estrogen feeds a fibroid tumor. Fibroids are part of the uterine wall, like a balloon, that grows inside the uterus like a baby. It can cause symptoms such as pain, abnormal bleeding, and your stomach makes you look pregnant. They are not usually cancerous and with some women are not much of a problem. When they grow big, they make women miserable. One of the main factors to reduce them is to correct the excess estrogen problem.

Insufficient Progesterone: Natural progesterone cream can help balance estrogen dominance. You need to have your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones evaluated by lab tests first. Learn how your system is imbalanced so you can correct it properly. A woman doctor will be more apt to issue the tests. Most male doctors don't understand the female body and emotions. Try to find a holistic female doctor to help you.

#2: Diet: Caffeine, Red Meat, Dairy: Cut out dairy unless it is organic, caffeine of any kind, and red meat unless it is organic. They feed cattle estrogen so that they gain weight more quickly. This estrogen ends up as residue in the meat and milk. This adds to your excess estrogen production. Goats milk does not have that problem. Organic red meat, chicken, and milk is much better for your hormone balance. Caffeine stimulates estrogen production.

#3: Lack of Exercise: Exercise helps your body to get rid of excess estrogen and is very imp in a fibroid reduction program. If your fibroids are large, be careful when performing stomach exercises by machine or at home. With large ones, you can start bleeding. The exercise pumps the abdominal muscles which put pressure on the fibroid. It is like a balloon that can leak with pressure exerted on its sides. How do I know that? I ended up in emergency twice trying to perform abdominal exercises. Sex can also start you bleeding for the same reason. Walking is great and almost anyone can walk.

#4 Stressed to the Max: Stress stimulates excess estrogen and wastes the adrenal glands. Stress causes problems in hormonal balance. So do whatever it takes to reduce your stress level. That must be a priority to reduce fibroid.

Can Moringa Reduce Fibroid Tumors?

#5: Moringa: I have no personal knowledge of Moringa reducing fibroids. Fibroid tumors are not cancerous in most cases, but form out of the uterine wall. Moringa could have a positive effect on your whole health and stress level. Stress depletes nutrients from the body. Stress creates imbalance in the hormonal system. It could help but my advice first is to adhere to the program above. Cayenne pepper orally, one cap by mouth, every 4 hours will reduce abnormal menstrual flow and pain. Cayenne also helps open up the uterus for better flow. I only know of two products for fibroid. One is Myomin and Ezzeac with Cats Claw. Ezzeac with cat's claw works by helping the liver to work better which helps to dispose of excess estrogen. That is why I sell it on the site because it worked for me. You have to take it for a number of months and is not an inexpensive way to go. It worked for me in my case. I also did the above steps as well. Herbs and foods can have different effects on people. You could try Moringa and see if it helps. You will certainly be better off nutritionally by taking it. I will not tell you that Moringa will work on fibroids when I have no experience or knowledge on that answer. The nutrition in the leaves may impact your whole health, including your hormonal system, by supporting it nutritionally to work more effectively. It will help you to put back into the system what the stress is pulling out.

This is the most truthful answer on this question I can give you. If you try it and it helps, please share that knowledge with our readers.

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Does Moringa Help Reduce Fibroids - Growing and Using ...

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