Eleven Year Study Showcases Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Weight Loss

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on April 26th, 2024
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It's no secret that testosterone has long been used to help men deal with issues related to erectile dysfunction and low libido.

The effects of Low-T Therapy on sex drive and function are undeniable and well-known.

It's also widely recognized that Low-T saps energy leads to chronic fatigue feelings that impair vitality. Usually, men begin taking Bio-Identical Testosterone to perform better in the bedroom and have more energy.

Testosterone is also critically important to men's metabolism. Low-T is linked with conditions such as Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes which plague millions of men and have a dramatic impact on quality of life and mortality risk.

It's only recently, however, researchers have begun to deeply explore the potential for Testosterone Therapy to be used as an effective therapy to help patients lose weight and improve insulin sensitivity.

Longitudinal Studies Provide Insight into Long-Term Safety and Viability of Testosterone HRT

One aspect of scientific study is that longitudinal studies take time. In 2020, researchers revealed the results of a study that offered Testosterone Therapy to men for eleven years to examine the long-term benefits and drawbacks.

Prior to the onset of the study, all of the participants had been diagnosed with clinically significant Testosterone Deficiency. 823 men were chosen for this study, and they were an average age of 60.6 years old.

In order to appraise the relative impact of Testosterone on weight and obesity, researchers divided patients into three groups for analysis: Obese, Overweight, Normal Weight.

Among these groups, one subset received Testosterone Therapy intervention while the other received no HRT Treatment.

Patients were brought back at least two times a year to record their health status, including metabolic status and physical attributes. The results of these check-ins were later corrected for confounding influence.

Testosterone Therapy Significantly Improves the Health and Outcomes of Patients

As the study completed its experimental phase, researchers set to work analyzing the results. They found that Testosterone Therapy had statistically significant effects on the weight and health of the patients that received treatment.

They had much better outcomes than patients that were selected as controls. Participants experienced thinner waists, lower BMI, and a reduction in body weight in all three groups.

These results were paired with several other health benefits, including improved cholesterol numbers, lower blood sugar, and healthier blood pressure (which improved over time).

Patients that received Bio-Identical Testosterone were more likely to survive the duration of the study and were less likely to experience a heart attack or other serious cardiovascular complications.

Patients that didn't receive treatment experienced increased BMI, weight gain, and growing waist circumference throughout the eleven years of the study, while Testosterone Therapy Patients experienced the opposite.

As more studies like this come forward to show the extensive benefits of Therapeutic Testosterone, it's almost inevitable that demand for Testosterone Replacement Therapy will skyrocket!

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