Fatigue and Low Testosterone part 1 – Video

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on July 12th, 2012
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12-05-2011 16:50 In episode 31 of the BioBalance Healthcast, Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the many causes of fatigue. A major cause of fatigue during middle age results from low testosterone levels. Fatigue resulting from low testosterone is treatable with bioidentical hormone pellets inserted under the skin. Other causes of fatigue include: Insomnia, restless sleep Hypothyroidism Stress, and the hormonal imbalance it causes (cortisol Hypoglycemia, also called low blood sugar Lack of exercise Anemia Poor diet, lack of protein and overall poor nutrition Chronic fatigue, caused by the mononucleosis Virus (EBNA) Untreated ADD, ADHD Cardiac arrhythmia Hypo-pituitary—low pituitary hormones Medications: Beta blockers Hypertension medications Sedatives, anti depressant Typical Work Up for New Patients History Sleep study Blood work Mammogram Cardiac work up with a stress echo test GYN exam with pap smear and stool guaiac Poor Habits which burden patients and cause fatigue: too many carbs in the diet eating only once a day (instead of the recommended 6) lack of nutrients (supplements such as VEMMA or multivitamins lack of fresh foods Problems with Vegan Diets weight gain (false assumption of losing weight.) B-12 deficiency lack of essential amino acids excessively reliant on carbohydrates many vegans do not take supplemental vitamins Food Pyramid For thirty years the food pyramid required us to eat most of our calories as carbohydrates, followed by protein and then fats ...

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Fatigue and Low Testosterone part 1 - Video

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