frontal hair loss treatment – Video

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on November 18th, 2012
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frontal hair loss treatment
Hair loss can be a very difficult condition to deal with. Hair loss ( ) can cause a lack of confidence which can take over your whole life. There are treatments available for this, and they can be successful for some people but for others they either don #39;t work or they have side effects. The two main treatments are described below: Finasteride prevents testosterone being converted to dihydrotestoterone. This will stop the shrinkage of hair folicles which is normal in male pattern baldness. If the treatment is used over a few years it can increase hair by between ten and twenty five percent. Possible side effects include lack of sex drive or erectile dysfunction. Minoxidll can be rubbed on the scalp daily. It is unclear how it works but some men do see a positive result after using it for several months. Side effects are uncommon but it can cause a dry or itchy scalp. visit the hair loss site: stoplosinghairguide.comFrom:Ron YahalomsViews:8 0ratingsTime:00:22More inHowto Style

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frontal hair loss treatment - Video

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