How To Use Testosterone – Video

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on February 10th, 2013
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How To Use Testosterone
How To Use Testosterone. *Im not supporting the usage of steroids. Just highlighting recent media coverage exposing the truth of how RAMPANT steroids are in pro sports. Pretty much if you want to be a pro earning big dough then you gotta get on the roids n EPO. If you think steroid usage is big in pro sports then you should see how big its usage is amongst celebrities, weekend warriors, fitness models, middle age men and even youtube #39;fitness #39; channels lol! If people take drugs to get an edge over the competition I can understand that. I don #39;t support it but I definitely understand it and can spot it a mile away. The reason I choose not to even drink coffee or eat animal products is Im more health focused. I want to enjoy my natural limits vs crash and burn prematurely like so many steroid users unfortunately do.

By: durianriders

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How To Use Testosterone - Video

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