Is it Low Testosterone?

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Low testosterone, or Low T, can be caused by a medical condition called hypogonadism (hi-po-go-na-dizm) and can cause symptoms such as: reduced sex drive, reduced energy, and sexual dysfunction, among others. Its estimated to affect millions of men in the U.S. If you feel youre experiencing the signs and/or symptoms of Low T, talk to your doctor to learn more about all the signs and symptoms of Low T and see if you should be tested.

Low T can cause low libido (decreased sex drive), which is a lack of desire for sex that may lead to reduced sexual activity.

Some men may think loss of energy is just a part of aging. However, low energy may not just be a sign of getting olderit may also be a symptom of Low T. Some men with Low T may experience daily fatigue. Men who lack energy due to Low T may even find it difficult to do routine tasks.

If you have Low T, you may feel that your body is changing. You may notice reduced muscle mass, an increase in body fat, or decreased bone strength. Testosterone helps increase muscle mass and strength, and maintain bone strength.

Changes in mood, such as depressed mood and increased irritability may be a sign of Low T.

If youre having difficulty maintaining erections, it may be more than erectile dysfunction (ED), it may be a sign that you have Low T. Although the majority of men with ED do not have Low T, ED can sometimes be due to low testosterone.

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Is it Low Testosterone?

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