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Sorry, I haven't commented in awhile. I have discovered what I believe to be the root of all my problems with libido, etc...I recently discovered about 8 months ago that I have LYME DISEASE. I have likely had it for over 10 years. After taking a massive downward spiral in my health...literally on my deathbed for several years, I finally found out why my body is dysfunctioning.... If you want to learn about lyme disease go to http://www.canlyme.com.

Lyme disease can completely wreak havoc on every system in your body including LIBIDO...low libido, sexual dysfunction is one of the many potential symptoms of lyme disease... The medical community is vastly undereducated in regards to lyme disease, detection and treatment. I am in the medical field and know first hand what a joke the system is....insurance companies and so on, doctors lacking any real knowedge...I have read some comments about possible psychological issues that could lead to this...This is basically the medical community saying that they have no clue...In fact prior to getting my lyme diagnosis, I was also told that I should consult with a psychiatrist because the doctors couldn't figure anything out...This is an INSULT...I repeat, an INSULT...If a doctor ever tells you that, run, do some research on your symptoms and seek out doctors who specialize and actually keep up with the latest research...not the pharmaceutical company research...that is biased and will get you no where...

Well, I knew intuitively that there was something underlying wrong and it wasn't psychological...In fact, I believe that psychological causes unless they are organic, are rarely if ever the cause. This is the medical community lead by big Pharma trying to push useless psych drugs onto people with no benefit...

With me, my problems began with libido, but overtime, things spiralled out of control and my whole body was affected, libido, joints, muscles, foggy thinking, unexplained aches, pains, thyroid issues...etc...so, psychological just does not account for the systemic massive dysfunction that is occurring. If you haven't figured it out by now, I am extremely defensive and roaring and ready to rumble with any practitioner that latch onto a possible psychosomatic cause....this is BS, every guy that has commented on here knows full well what it is like to have a normal libido....what they are experiencing is something very real with this dysfunction. Psychiatry is the most corrupt facet of medicine in existence...no real cures, no tests to even assess neurotransmitter levels, bogus labels, blindly playing chemistry experiment with people....

So, back to lyme disease...lyme causes massive dysfunction throughout the body due to neurotoxins, biotoxins, autoimmune problems(body attacking itself), it drains the adrenals, which then scavenge other hormones such as testosterone to utilize for cortisol production which is vital to sustain life....you need cortisol more than you need testosterone to survive....enzymes in the body are affected, the bodies detoxification pathways are taxed to the limit....so, it then makes sense that your body is not concerned about a libido, it is more concerned with survival and dealing with this ongoing chronic underlying infection...

These bio-toxins are thought to alter various specific sites in the brain on molecular, structural and chemical levels, interfering with all the major neurotransmitters (dopamine , serotonin, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, GABA). In this way they can cause all manner of neurological and psychiatric symptoms that mimic (or cause) many illnesses, from degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's (2), to depression (3) and autistic disorders. So, in regards to libido...the neurotransmitters are essential...but lyme disease interfers with them....

I have made massive improvements in my health in the last 8 months....I no longer have full fledged arthritic joints....I am able to run and move without any major pain...but, I am not out of the water yet....my libido has not returned to normal....but, I am working on that...Lyme Disease is extremely difficult to completely kill off...DO YOUR RESEARCH....It is massively underdiagnosed, there is no 100% accurate test available...often false negatives are reported and most doctors assume that the patient does not have lyme disease...YOU MUST DEAL WITH A LYME LITERATE PHYSICIAN....going to your general practitioner is a waste of time and money...

In regards to psychiatry...Dr. Paul Fink, a former president of the American Psychiatric Association, has acknowledged that Lyme disease can contribute to every single psychiatric disorder in the Diagnostic Symptoms Manual IV (DSM-IV), the manual used to diagnose psychiatric disorders.

You must kill the lyme bacteria and detoxify the body....diet is vital, supplements, detox, detox, detox....I have tried the arimidex, the testosterone injections, you name it, I have tried it and I never regained my libido or sense of normalcy...I have since learned that these drugs are simply adding more toxic load to the body...You must clean up the terrain of the body and it will then begin to regain self regulating function...Please understand that everyone on earth is carrying many bad toxins and chemicals from the food we eat which if you eat in restaurants and buy processed food....you are eating lots of toxins, preservatives and chemicals that are only going to lead to problems in your body over time...we are inundated with toxins....that is why detox must become a regular part of our lifestyle....

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low libido High Testosterone - Urology - MedHelp

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