Low T Wonder Therapy Comes with Warning

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Updated: Wednesday, July 9 2014, 10:47 PM CDT The Low T treatment warnings are everywhere now.

"Medical Alert!" screams the TV advertisement. "Serious injuries may be linked to testosterone therapy including the use of gel's and injections."

Some lawyers are preparing for what they think will be a wave of Low T lawsuits from men who may have suffered a heart attack or stroke linked to Low T therapy.

San Antonio lawyer Dennis Peery says he's working with clients now.

"I'll be happy to review cases from anyone who has had an adverse event and they want someone to look at the case and see whether or not there is a case," Peery said.

One study says there is a two fold increase in the risk of heart attack shortly after beginning the therapy in men under 65 who have a history of heart disease. Increased stroke risk is also a concern.

But, a new University of Texas at Galveston study recently revealed no heart attack risk.

One doctor says it's way too early to tell if Low T treatments are safe or not.

"We don't know very much about this therapy," said Dr. Steve Nissen with the Cleveland Clinic. "What's going on is a giant experiment with American men's health at stake we don't have the long term data on the safety of these products."

54-year old Kyle Walker knows the risks but says Low T therapy changed his life.

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Low T Wonder Therapy Comes with Warning

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