Low Testosterone in Males and Testosterone Treatment in Kiev

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Testosterone is a hormone that carries out important work in our remarkable human bodies, but after the age of 30 or so men's testosterone levels begin to get lower and continue to do so throughout the following years. Even though this is a normal process of the body the sad fact is that these testosterone levels decrease more drastically for some than for others, causing problems within their bodies. While it seems that the majority of men who suffer from low testosterone are older, younger men and even teenage males can suffer from this condition as wel

Causes and Who is Affected

According to Steroidal.com the official medical name for what causes low testosterone is hypogonadism, which is the low functioning of testes in males. Low testosterone occurs because of negative effects on the hypothalamic pituitary testiculas axis (HPTA) or direct inhibition at the testes. Another cause can be in the pituitary gland which is the hypothalamus that signals the testicles to produce testosterone. The lack of testosterone can be something that is inherited or something that is caused by a major illness or an accident. Abuse of anabolic steroids can also lead to a suppression of endogenous testosterone in males and should be avoided.


The symptoms that many men and boys experience include things like a lowered sex drive and erectile dysfunction. The lowered testosterone levels also can cause depression and a substantial loss of energy. It also causes a loss of muscle mass in the male body.


There are several treatment options available for men who suffer from this condition. These options include:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: This is given about once every two weeks, but there are some difficulties that can come about with this treatment. The use of this type of therapy makes it difficult to adequately control the testosterone levels, since often it creates levels that are too high right after the injection.

Replacement Gels: The gel is applied to your skin on your arms or shoulders and it is important that you apply it during the same time frame every day so that the therapy replacement treatment will work properly. One big disadvantage of this type of replacement treatment is that it can be cost prohibitive.

Replacement Patch: The testosterone replacement patch is applied to your skin every night. It can be applied to the arms, legs, stomach or back, but make sure that you place it on a place that does not have as much hair and remember to place it on a different spot every time to ensure that your body absorbs it all over. This has proven to work, however, some people experience skin irritation by using these patches.

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Low Testosterone in Males and Testosterone Treatment in Kiev

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