Low Testosterone Levels Are Not the Cause of Less Sex but the Result of It

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TIME Health Research Low Testosterone Levels Are Not the Cause of Less Sex but the Result of It Getty Images So says a new study conducted on a large group of older men in Australia

Its normally thought that lower testosterone levels in older men lead to less appetite for sex. However, an intriguing new study from Australia finds that a decline in testosterone levels appears to be the result of a lower libido. Thats according to a report in Science Daily.

In older men, decreased sexual activity and desire may be a cause, not an effect, of low circulating testosterone level, concluded lead study author Benjumin Hsu, from the University of Sydneys School of Public Health.

The research followed men who took part in the Concord Health and Aging in Men Project a study of 1,705 Sydney men ages 70 or over, described by organizers as one of the worlds largest and most comprehensive study of the health of older men ever conducted anywhere in the world.

During a two-year period, scientists found that baseline serum testosterone levels in men did not predict a decline in sexual activity or libido. By contrast, a decline in testosterone was strongly related to less sex and less desire.

Researchers behind the new report stress that it remains unclear what other age-related factors may be behind the reduction in testosterone levels.

[Science Daily]

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Low Testosterone Levels Are Not the Cause of Less Sex but the Result of It

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