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Three Numbers Every Man Should Know: Cholesterol, PSA, and Testosterone

Rub some dirt on it. That is how most men handle their health. They wont go to the doctor unless they are showing bone. We get it. But there are three numbers that every man should know. These numbers can save his life: cholesterol, PSA, and Testosterone. When these three numbers are in line, go ahead, rub some dirt on it.

Low T Institute St. Louis is set up so men can walk in, take a simple blood test, and know their numbers and also find out if they are a candidate for Testosterone Therapy. Treatment options for patients who would benefit from Low-T treatment are as diverse as our patients. Technology has provided flexibility in treatment options for our patients. Patients can be seen weekly to optimize levels, one time every three months, or two times a year. This allows us to serve our patients in St Louis, as well as reach into the rural areas where these treatments are not normally available. The treatments offered by the Physicians at Low T Institute St. Louis are customized to fit individual testosterone needs, with prescription medications that can only be prescribed by licensed practitioners. As seen on the McGraw show live! Meet the owner Kevin Meuret and learn about the Low T Institute.

Did you try Androgel and have it not work for? Dont worry, often times its not you, its the treatment not working FOR you. Download this quick report to see what causes Androgel not to work and what YOU can do about it along with various alternatives.

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Low Testosterone Treatment Center in St. Louis | Low T Therapy

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