Menopause and hormone replacement in women. Free blood test offer – Video

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on March 7th, 2013
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Menopause and hormone replacement in women. Free blood test offer
Contact me to arrange a free testosterone blood test. Call Dr Greg Castello. 244 E Roosevelt Rd. Lombard Illinoiss, 60148. 630.620.9500 x3, or E-mail CastelloWellness We will need your name, birthday a contact phone # and an E-mail address to send you a lab order form. You can find a list of elligable locations from the link at the bottom. Women are trained to look for the symptoms of menopause. They include hot flashes night sweats and vaginal dryness. These are all estrogen (Estradiol) related. They happen fairly abruptly, as estrogen levels drop during menopause. They can be treated safely and effectively with bio-identical hormones (hormones that chemically match the bodys own hormones). They should not be treated with conventional commercially available hormones like Prempro. I will discuss this in another blog, but the estrogen in Prempro is derived from pregnant horse urine (really!) aand the progesterone is synthetic and dangerous. This was the medicine used in the Womans Health Initiative study, and it was a disaster. It was stopped early due to the danger of this treatment. Natural micronized progesterone can be used with or without estrogen. It is a wonderful sleep aide, and can be taken even by pre-menopausal women. If you take estrogen and have your uterus, you must always take progesterone to balance the estrogen. Testosterone is absolutely separate of estrogen and menopause. Like in men, testosterone levels start to drop off in your 30 #39;s and is ...

By: Greg Castello

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Menopause and hormone replacement in women. Free blood test offer - Video

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