Middle-Age Men Turn to Testosterone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on September 19th, 2012
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From world-class sporting scandals in baseball and on the track, performance-enhancing drugs seem to have found a new playing field -- the office.

"It's like a secret. You don't want to let the other guy know what you know," said Oliver Power, 48, an office manager in the San Francisco Bay Area. "You know what I mean? You want to keep that edge going so guys don't talk about it too much."

Testosterone, the steroid hormone banned in sports, has quietly become the newest wonder drug for men in the workplace.

Whether it's in police departments or Fortune 500 companies, the drug is being called "Viagra for the boardroom."

Chris Running, 57, president and CEO of Eternal Beverages in Walnut Creek, Calif., said testosterone was the fuel that kept him on top.

He said the little vial he stores in the bathroom enabled him to run four companies at once, lose 30 pounds and gain muscle, and maintain an energy and mental sharpness he hadn't felt since college.

Running gives himself a shot of the hormone in his leg twice a week.

"I think that successful business people want to be more successful," he told ABC News. "I think if they knew how effective testosterone could be for them to have even more of an edge, they'd be all over it."

Testosterone Use Booms

Running and Power, both 48, are part of an explosion in testosterone use among men older than 40.

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Middle-Age Men Turn to Testosterone

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