More men check testosterone levels

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on May 4th, 2015
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It may not be the elixir of lost youth, but getting treated for low testosterone levels might be the next best thing.

Once you are under treatment, your energy will improve, your lean body mass will improve and if erectile dysfunction is from testosterone, then that should improve as well, said Dr. Sonya Khan, an endocrinologist with Christus St. John Hospital.

Testosterone is a hormone that has a multitude of uses over a males life.

Its released by the testes and its used to stimulate growth when kids are young and to help their bones grow, Khan said. Then its used in adulthood for all reproductive functions. Its also for energy and muscle development, muscle strength and even in adults, its important for bone strength.

Testosterone production peaks when a man is in his 20s and 30s and then slowly tails off.

The decrease that you have is really slow, so it is not until the mid-50s or early 60s there is a large decrease, Khan said. For a normal individual, it usually is not something that you really feel.

Several symptoms can indicate low testosterone levels.

When there is a deficiency in testosterone you can see fatigue, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and an increase in fat mass, Khan said.

Erectile dysfunction and a decreased sex drive can also be symptoms.


More men check testosterone levels

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