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You guys know there is a much better way to increase test levels than HRT, right?It's called nutrition and lifestyle.

Increase intake of zinc and selenium.Try eating oysters a couple of times a week, and 3-4 Brazil nuts, morning and night.Combine this with plenty of fatty foods (cholesterol won't peak.Cholesterol levels are more a function of insulin sensitivity/resistance than dietary cholesterol.)Your body will need the cholesterol in fatty foods in order to manufacture hormones, including testosterone.

Of course, my evidence is purely anecdotal, but in three months, eating 6-8 Brazil nuts per day, with supplemental zinc, and a 5-10 minute, high-intensity, full body resistance training session (olympic lifting; multi-joint movements, and a reasonably hight weight) 3 days a week, along with consumption of a LARGE amount of fatty, cholesterol-laden foods, like bacon, milk, and a LOT of red meat, I lowered my LDL cholesterol levels by almost 40 points, increased testosterone levels from 233 to 645, lost 20 lbs of fat, and gained 20 lbs of muscle.

Sleep is another big part of the equation.Sleep deprivation causes elevated cortisol levels, which exist in inverse proportion to testosterone levels.Cortisol also, by the way, is part of the mechanism for downregulation of insulin sensitivity, which leads to, you guessed it, cholesterol problems.Make sure you are getting adequate sleep in a completely dark room.Not even the flashing red light from your alarm clock is ok.Get blackout curtains, and cover up every possible light source.

Low-t can be a tricky beast to fight because you will, inevitably, stress about your condition.It may make you feel like less of a man.The stress you experience will cause your body to increase production of cortisol, which is a stress-hormone.The cortisol will cause your test levels to decrease further.It's a pretty vicious cycle.You may also want to have your doctor check for levels of sex-hormone binding globulin.It neutralizes testosterone and other sex hormones.Total testosterone counts are not the same as free testosterone levels.

Another helpful thing to note is that the amount of fruit your doctor tells you to eat is A LOT more than you need, and excess fructose will increase levels of serum albumin, which binds with testosterone, and renders it inert.This is a bad thing.Simply put, there are very few fruits you actually need.Stick to things like blueberries, in moderation, which are very high in antioxidants.Don't listen to people who tell you to eat apples for fiber.You'll get more than enough fiber if you're eating healthy amounts of vegetables, and you'll get them without dumping nearly as much fructose into your body.

Can you tell that biochem is my research focus?Lol.Hope some of this is helpful to someone.

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