Omnitrope: How to Mix & Inject Omnitrope HGH Injections?

Posted by Brianna Clark, Published on April 1st, 2024
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Omnitrope is a branded human growth hormone manufactured by Sandoz, a globally known pharmaceutical company. The product is made in the company's manufacturing unit in Austria and is an effective choice for people suffering from low hormone levels. With HGH, it is possible to regain energy levels and normal functioning of many of the body's vital organs. The bioidentical formula replicates and works like natural hormones in the human body.

Let's go through the step-by-step method of mixing and injecting Omnitrope HGH injections so that adult patients over 30 years can carry out the process in their homes independently. It is crucial to thoroughly clean your hands before starting the process. Sanitization of the items is also crucial for safety purposes. 

A word of caution: HGH therapy is an efficacious treatment but it is not an elixir of immortality.

Omnitrope Dose for Adults 

The doctor considers three essential aspects when prescribing this therapy. These are the age, height, and weight of the person. The doctor advises blood tests to confirm growth hormone deficiency. The test reports also reveal the extent of the deficiency. Based on these factors, the doctor determines the correct dose for the patient.  

Most people under the age of thirty do not usually need this treatment unless they have had an issue since their childhood. Elderly individuals aged 65 years and above may need to start with a lower dosage than their counterparts in their 40s or 50s. 

Each individual is assessed and treated using tailored plans depending on their unique requirements. 

Omnitrope: How to Mix & Inject Omnitrope HGH Injections?

Getting Omnitrope HGH Prescribed

It would help if you found a clinic, hospital, or a medical professional specializing in prescribing the therapy. Generally, the following steps take place - 

  • A blood test is advised.
  • The patient is physically examined.
  • The medical history of the patient is examined thoroughly.

The doctor makes a personalized treatment plan to get the patient started on Omnitrope HGH therapy. The prescription is then sent to the pharmacy for filling. It is then shipped and delivered by the pharmacy directly to the patient's doorstep. The package will consist of all required items for HGH administration.

The Need for Refrigerating Omnitrope HGH

There are multiple brands of HGH medicines, and each has its typical storage needs. Omnitrope HGH is one brand that needs continual refrigeration. Half an hour before injection, the drug needs to be taken out of the refrigerator. People who travel a lot may use other brands of HGH medication that can be administered without refrigeration. 

Omnitrope HGH Pens

Sandoz-made Omnitrope HGH Pens are the most popular methods of administering the injection. Reason? Sandoz is one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies supported by the latest tech-enabled manufacturing facilities and affordable pricing of its products. Pens are easy to use and can be set up conveniently. The company offers easy-to-follow instructions and tutorial videos that help new users administer the drug hassle-free. 

Buying Omnitrope HGH Pens

When buying Omnitrope HGH pens, it is essential to remember that it is not like buying generic drugs or items. This therapy needs to be supervised and administered by specialized doctors. When an HRT expert conducts all tests and diagnoses HGH for an adult patient, it is best to consult the doctor about buying HGH pens.  

Needles for Omnitrope HGH Pens

Needles are essential for administering HGH doses. There are three sizes to choose from - 29G x 12.7 mm, 31G x 8 mm, or 31G x 5 mm. Your doctor's team will advise the best size for each patient, depending on their unique requirements. 

The unit where the pen needles fit has five parts. These parts are - the needle, the outer and inner pen needle shield, the paper tab, and the hub. The unit must not be separated from the HGH pens when fitting the needle. 

The entire needle unit must be assembled and attached to the pen after being supplied. Before administering the injection - 

  • The outer pen needle shield is removed. Ensure that you keep it close so it can be reattached after use. 
  • The inner shield must also be removed, which must be thrown away.
  • The paper tab has to be removed before the attachment is made. 
  • A sharps container comes with the medication kit to dispose of used needles quickly.


  • The needle unit should always be sterile, especially before use.
  • The HGH needle unit should be kept at places that are out of reach of children.

Vial Price of Omnitrope HGH 5.8mg 

While Omnitrope Pen needles are convenient, many users prefer using the conventional syringe and vial. For such users, the price of syringes and vials will be primarily determined based on the dosage and the treatment period. The syringe and vial combination is priced comparatively lower than HGH pens and suitable for lower levels of growth hormone therapy. 

When you order the medication kit, the vial containing the medicine and bacteriostatic water comes as a part of the kit. The other items that are part of the kit are disposable syringes, alcohol prep swabs, injection needles, injection syringes, and needles required for reconstitution. A sharps container is included in the kit to dispose of used needles.

Mixing Water with Omnitrope HGH Medicine 

One vial of medication is mixed with one vial of bacteriostatic water. To mix, you need first to remove the caps of both the vials. Use sterile wipes to clean the vial tops. Pull the plunger back to fill the disposable syringe with air. The needle is inserted into the bacteriostatic solution, and the plunger is pushed in. This releases air into the vial. The vial has to be turned upside down to withdraw the water into the syringe. 

Next, the needle must be removed and inserted into the powder vial. Inject the solution into the medication vial, aiming at the glass wall to prevent foaming. Once done, the needle has to be removed and disposed of. Ensure the powder is completely dissolved by gently swirling the medication vial, but remember not to shake the vial.

The medication is now suitable to use. Ensure that the injection is refrigerated between use. The prepared medication should be used within three weeks of preparation.


Understanding the process of mixing and administering Omnitrope HGH injections empowers adult patients over 30 years to manage their therapy effectively at home. However, consulting a healthcare professional is crucial before starting any medical procedure. Adhering to proper storage, administration, and disposal guidelines ensures the safety and effectiveness of Omnitrope treatment. Adult patients can enhance their quality of life & well-being with proper knowledge and guidance.

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