Quick Weight Loss Tips and Diet Recommendations for HRT

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 21st, 2021
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Hormone Replacement Therapy Diet, Weight Loss, And Exercise Tips That Are Easy!

If you are on a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Program or HGH Treatment protocol, it's time to fire up your metabolism in ways you might not even realize that you're actually doing so.

Processed Foods

It's one of the most obvious things we often forget. You have probably seen the word "enriched" or "fortified" on products you purchased, this is because, during the processing of such items, a lot of the nutrients were lost.

For instance, if you are going to eat starchy foods which are flour-based, think about doing so in moderation with the whole grain version. Look for the term "whole grain".

Alas, all the nutrients in white foods like white rice, white pasta, and white bread have been stripped away, yes they sometimes or often taste better, but they are less healthy, you might be filling yourself up with empty carbs.

Whole grains will help you lose weight because your body will be less likely to crave when it gets some of the good nutrients from whole grain, versus the low to no nutrients in some white flour-based foods. Also, keep in mind not all white flour is enriched to an appropriate amount, if at all.

Think about eating nutrient-dense food. Don't load yourself up with calories and little vitamins at the same time. Think carefully about what you are eating.

A big bowl of pasta, with some toasted garlic bread, might sound yummy, but you loading yourself up with a lot of empty carbs. Even if the sauce you use is loaded with vegetables, that mound of pasta you are forking into is basically like eating a big fist of sugar.

You can eat a TV dinner or a microwaved dish of food, or you can try to prepare it yourself. Many people don't want to bother with all the cooking and cleaning, but standing on your feet and preparing the food you are actually burning calories, especially you are burning some calories in the cleanup.

Try to make the time for it because it's a form of exercise and you don't even realize it. If you cook your own meals and clean up afterward, surprise, you're actually exercising and you didn't even know it.

Don't Exercise! Don't Work Out!

Yeah, here's the shocker. Have you ever noticed "exercise" and "working out at the gym" are seen as obnoxious chores for most, as something you begrudgingly have to do if you want to aim for living a healthy lifestyle? The reason is because of the cause and effect relationship associated with these activities, you are doing them with an effect expected. It's the wrong mindset.

This is a big mindset problem:

How many people have memberships to gyms and have no motivation to go there 3 or 4 times a week for an intense session each time? Millions of people tend to see lifting weights or doing cardiovascular exercises in a stationary position at some stinky sweaty gym as an expensive job they would rather not do.

So instead forget exercising, working out, lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, or jogging on a treadmill, instead go have fun doing a deep cleaning of your living space with music on or an audiobook in the background, see it as a fun opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

You're moving your body, and getting something done that needs to be done and you don't even realize you're exercising and burning calories in the process.

Go play basketball or baseball or soccer with the kids, or friends and family. You're getting exercise but not for the sake of getting exercise, you're having fun and spending time. Go out for a hike, a bike ride, even doing some gardening are great ways to do two things at the same time, which are having fun and burning calories.

The more active you are, instead of sitting down, the healthier you are, the human race has turned into a sedentary species which spends more time in bed or in a chair than standing up and moving around. Even dancing is a great way to blow torch fat.

Don't focus on losing weight, focus on having fun doing activities that involve moving. Even cleaning can be fun when there is upbeat music playing. Just get moving in a fun way, don't make exercise about losing weight, it's a mindset.

Fun activities can mean burning calories and melting fat without focusing on losing weight, forget about exercising with the sole purpose of losing weight or being more healthy because then it's a tiresome chore.

The Mindset of Upward Positivity Not Downward Negativity

Instead of losing weight, gain a healthier life. Put your mindset and focus on getting healthier, not losing weight, and not dieting.  The more focus on eating healthier foods and doing fun activities with your body moving, the better you will look and feel.

Being healthy is sexy, and it will open doors in your life. Dieting is not sexy when you focus on dieting and therefore food, you are bringing your attention into a dysfunctional cycle where there is a 95% chance your diet will fail.

Forget dieting, just eat more fresh produce-oriented foods which will fill you up but don't come from cans or boxes. If you don't like eating tons of vegetables, or salads, just put them in stews and cook them at a low temperature, at least your eating lots of veggies. You can hide lots of vegetables in sauces you might make that you can put on food.

Healthy Friends

Surround yourself with people who are healthy, not with couch potatoes. Find a healthy buddy. Most people find it hard to go into the hot and humid gym by themselves and work out in a stationary position, whether it be lifting weights or running on a machine, this is why some people hire a personal trainer, but a better way to save money is to find a healthy buddy.

Surround yourself with someone or a group of people with who you can go work out or do fun activities together, which involves moving the body or some kind of physical activity.

Even going to the gym and working out is a lot more fun when you go with a healthy buddy, who will spot you and keep you motivated. Getting healthy shouldn't be an exercise in loneliness, if you can incorporate social activities in your mission to get healthier it will go a long way.


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