Reporter: Women and business – Video

Recommended by Dr. Michael White, Published on January 10th, 2013
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Reporter: Women and business
The Commission and EP would like to impose a 40% quota for women on the boards of directors of private companies by 2020. This discrimination is seen as positive by some and pointless by others. EuroparlTV investigated in Germany and Italy, both traditionally conservative countries. Christiane Hipp is a woman who focuses on her career. She #39;s an exception here in Germany where women make up only 3.5% of directors on the board of private companies. Since May 2012, she #39;s been part of the supervisory board of Cewecolor, a photo printing company located in Dresden in the southeast of Germany. In the past, Cewecolor just had men on their advisory board and they opened it up. It #39;s a very innovative company which challenged change. But it #39;s not so easy for a woman to carve herself a spot on a board of directors in Germany. Traditionally, a woman #39;s place is in the home. I think women do also decide a bit more with the heart than with the brain. Photography is also a very emotional subject and emotions perhaps didn #39;t have a role in our company until now. Perhaps it #39;s being improved by this influence, by the female influence. There #39;s emotion, but also hormones. Can you feel the testosterone in the board sometimes? We #39;ve got... Yes, I think the way they work together has changed a little bit. I don #39;t know, because I wasn #39;t there before. But they really care about us and they #39;re probably more friendly. We head to Cottbus where Christiane is a university professor. One of her ...

By: EuroparlTV EN

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Reporter: Women and business - Video

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