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Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on November 29th, 2021
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Has your sex life been floundering as you grow older? Are you having issues with sexual desire and function which are preventing you from having a healthy romantic relationship with your partner?

Testosterone Deficiency could be the cause—every year older you get beyond thirty, the risk of Low-T increases. Testosterone is the key to masculine essence, and as Testosterone Production falls beneath critical levels, it leads to a variety of symptoms that have a harsh impact on your ongoing wellness.

We represent a Licensed and Board Certified California Hormone Clinic. Our HRT and Urological Specialists are proud to provide next-gen Hormone Therapy Services to the men and women of the Bay Area, and we offer Bio-Identical Testosterone Treatments to men 30+ that show signs of Testosterone Deficiency.

If you've been having trouble selecting a Hormone Therapy Partner that you can trust, we encourage you to contact us at the number above for a free consultation!

We will gladly answer any of your questions about our exceptional array of services including Prescription Testosterone, Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone, and Sermorelin Acetate Therapy!

Don't Resign Yourself to Low-T—Signature Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

By now you've probably seen hundreds of advertisements about Low-T. Men across the nation struggle with the frustrating and embarrassing effects of Testosterone Deficiency.

It's true there are many Men's Clinics in San Francisco, but our goal is to streamline the process of Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis and Treatment so you can receive a quick and accurate assessment and treatment of your Hormonal Issues. Our California HRT Clinic focuses on Hormone Restoration and Optimization with the ultimate goal of maximizing your wellness deep into your golden years!

Low-T is characterized by issues related to sexual dysfunction. If you've experienced a notable decline in your desire for sex, the pleasure derived from sex, or loss of sexual ability, then you're likely a prime candidate for the excellent Testosterone Deficiency Treatment Programs that we offer!

Testosterone Deficiency Is More Than Just a Sexual Disorder

It's true that most guys become aware of Low-T as a result of the resultant Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido, but it's vital to understand that Hypogonadism has numerous effects that deplete health and livelihood which move far beyond the sexual issues associated with the condition.

Testosterone is one of many critically critical metabolic hormones—it's the prime reason why men have lower concentrations of body fat than women.

As Testosterone falls into a state of deficiency, men are vastly more likely both to gain body fat and lose muscle mass.

Furthermore, the metabolic suppression caused by Low Testosterone Levels also leads to fatigue and generalized suppressed energy levels.

What to Expect from Bio-Identical Low-T Treatment

When you begin a Testosterone Restoration Program with our San Francisco Hormone Specialists, you'll experience some results rapidly, while other benefits appear more gradually.

The benefits that you will encounter most quickly are associated with Sexual Health and Energy Levels. As Testosterone Levels normalize in your bloodstream, you'll find it easier to generate sexual excitement and a vast increase in sexual potency in a matter of days after you begin treatment.

Furthermore, you'll also experience a boost in energy levels which will help you take advantage of the opportunities that life throws at you!

Over the course of weeks and months, you'll most likely also recognize gains associated with your body composition.

It will become increasingly easier to build muscle mass, and your body will be more prone to burn off body fat. Many patients also report improved mood and confidence.

Overall, the vast majority of patients demonstrate a significant improvement in the quality of life!

Getting the Best Results from Your Testosterone Therapy Regimen

While it's true that merely initiating a Testosterone Replacement Program can provide excellent results, combining it with smart and healthy lifestyle changes will enhance the results even further.

We encourage our patients to increase activity levels and adopt healthier eating habits to bolster the benefits of treatment.

We can also assist in this regard, with diet plans and exercise regimens designed to facilitate the benefits of HRT Treatment!

San Francisco Comprehensive HRT Testing for Low-T and More

The only way to get a legal prescription for Testosterone is by being diagnosed with Testosterone Deficiency. The only way to get safe treatment is via blood testing for Low-T.

We work with our national partners LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to meet the preliminary requirements for the accurate diagnosis of Testosterone Deficiency and other Hormone Disorders such as Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and Thyroid Insufficiency.

Our affiliate Blood Testing Associates have clinics throughout the Greater San Francisco Area and can also meet with you personally to take the necessary blood sample.

We utilize a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel to determine your HRT Needs as a patient, as well as to decide whether you are a safe and viable candidate! It is our goal to provide effective Hormone Optimization Treatments that mitigate risks and maximize benefits!

Learn More About the Golden City

San Francisco is one of the many great cosmopolitan cities of the United States. San Francisco is one of the nation's oldest cities, founded in 1776.

The town was established by the Spanish Empire just five days before the birth of the United States on July 4th of the same year.

The city itself is located on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula in central California. Oakland is located right across the San Francisco Bay and is the second major pillar of the Bay Area.

San Francisco is notable for being one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the United States, likely only eclipsed by New York City. San Francisco has large populations of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans, as well as a significant percentage of Latinos and African Americans.

Other major cities in the region include San Mateo, Daly City, Union City, Palo Alto, and Fremont.

While the majority of the population of the San Francisco Metropolitan Area live south of the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the wealthiest places in the country is Marin County, home to many of the nation's best wineries as well as Muir Beach and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.


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