Sexual Harassment Allegations Put Spotlight On Parliament Hill's 'Testosterone Palace'

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OTTAWA Is Parliament a safe place for young women?

That was the topic of conversation in the hallways following the surprise suspension of two Liberal MPs, Massimo Pacetti and Scott Andrews, pending an investigation into sexual harassment allegations from two female NDP MPs. The two men deny the accusations.

Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth told The Huffington Post Canada that Parliament is different than other institutions.

This is testosterone palace! she said, as she was leaving her partys weekly caucus meeting.

My father was an MP and he took off with another woman too. It happens. This place is so lonely.

Still, she said she believes Parliament is not dangerous for women. She said she trusts MPs to investigate themselves and that any time a woman is assaulted in any way, it needs to be investigated.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May also weighed in on the matter, suggesting men can escape culpability in systems of political power.

"The culture around politics in general is one that men can get away with abuse of power. Its endemic in politics. It shouldn't be that way," said May.

NDP MP Peter Stoffer said he also thought Parliament was a safe place for women. I myself in 17 years havent had any concerns in this particular regards, I assume that it is.

Stoffer suggested, however, that he minds his own business when it comes to sexual relations on the hill.

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Sexual Harassment Allegations Put Spotlight On Parliament Hill's 'Testosterone Palace'

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