Six Ways That Elevated Testosterone Levels Affect Male Behavior and Health

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 23rd, 2024
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We all know that Testosterone has some profound effects on male psychology, physiology, and sexuality. It even has some compelling benefits for women too.

As we delve deeper into the sociological implications of Testosterone, we continue to learn of new and interesting ways that Testosterone alters our perception and our actions.

We also learn more about how it protects and facilitates health and wellness. Let's go over some recent developments in Testosterone Research in the last year!

Testosterone Reduces Aversion to Risk

While Alpha Males have long been associated with getting things done, there are some potential downsides to putting too much confidence in their abilities.

Researchers analyzed over 3,000 hedge fund managers based on their Testosterone Levels. Men with higher Testosterone Levels tend to have wider faces than those with average and low Testosterone Levels.

Researches grouped investors by the shape of their faces and analyzed how successful they were at investing. Perhaps surprisingly, those with less Testosterone (exemplified by their slimmer face) outpaced their testosterone-laden associates by around 6% annually.

Men with higher Testosterone Levels were also more likely to take chances on risky stocks and make unethical business decisions to further their gain.

Testosterone Makes Men More Prone to Snap Judgments

Elevated Testosterone Levels strongly impact the way that men make decisions. Men with High Testosterone Levels are more prone to operating more functionally in association with fight-or-flight.

In high tension situations where split-second decisions are necessary, this is a great thing. One area that does not benefit men is in the field of test-taking.

In a recent study published last year, men were treated with Bio-Identical Testosterone and then were given a Cognitive Reflection Test. This test is designed to reward thoughtful answers and punish snap-decisions.

Questions are worded in a way in which the instinctive first-impression is not the correct answer. It's hypothesized that this bleeds into other aspects of men's lives. Men with High Testosterone are better at taking action based on quick decision-making but more prone to mistakes when the best course of action requires deliberation.

Testosterone Levels Are Strongly Correlated With Where You Were Born

Your Testosterone Levels as an adult have a lifelong association with the environment in which you were raised. In one recent study, men of Bangladeshi heritage had their Testosterone Levels evaluated.

Men that were born and raised in Bangladesh before moving to the United Kingdom had demonstrably lower Testosterone than men whose parents were born in Bangladesh but were born in the United Kingdom, themselves.

Furthermore, the men born in Great Britain reached puberty at an earlier age than their counterparts born in Bangladesh.

They also found that boys that moved from Bangladesh to London before puberty had more Testosterone than those that migrated after puberty.

There are lots of factors that can suppress the activity of Testosterone during adolescence. Sanitation issues, poor diet, and illness can all suppress the expression of Testosterone during puberty, which can lead to diminished Testosterone Levels later in life.

High Testosterone Levels Make Men More Interested In Displays of Wealth

It's well known that Testosterone is associated with mating behavior in all manner of species, but this also demonstrates itself in men's preferences and shopping habits.

Men that have higher Testosterone Levels are more likely to be interested in luxury products that are associated with status rather than function.

It is common in other species to expend energy and metabolism on flashy displays that are solely intended for courtship, and these habits also appear to extend to how adult males spend money and display wealth.

High Testosterone Associated With Narcissistic Behavior

An article released last month analyzed the effect of Testosterone on leadership ability. They sorted men and women based on relative Testosterone Levels and put individuals in positions of power.

They found that participants with elevated baseline Testosterone Levels were more likely to demonstrate entitlement and were more likely to take advantage of others for personal gain.

Participants with lower Testosterone Levels were not as prone to show these negative aspects of having power. Unfortunately, it's hypothesized that those that are least inclined to lead reasonably are most likely to seek out power actively.

A Healthy Heart Is Correlated With Elevated Testosterone

One massive breakthrough in Testosterone Research is that evidence continues to strongly suggest that men with Higher Testosterone Levels have healthier hearts.

In one study published last year, researchers compared 296 men that opted out of Testosterone Therapy with 360 that adopted a Testosterone Replacement Regimen.

They found that men that took Testosterone experienced no strokes or heart attacks over a ten-year span, while those that did not utilize Testosterone experienced 56 heart attacks and strokes (all nonfatal).

Men that took Testosterone also had healthier body composition, more ideal blood pressure, more balanced cholesterol, and controlled blood sugar more effectively.

Men that took Testosterone also reported higher energy levels and were more likely to engage in physical activity, in spite of their weight.

Men that didn't take Testosterone also experienced increased mortality risk, primarily resulting from cardiovascular disease, which was the cause of death for 19-21 control participants.

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