Some Women May Benefit from Testosterone for Menopause

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on February 8th, 2024
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Supplementary Testosterone Therapy is increasingly considered an option to help alleviate symptoms of Menopause in aging women.

While Testosterone is most often discussed for its effects on male biology, the hormone is also critical to normal and healthy feminine function.

Testosterone is intimately involved in sexual function and pleasure for both men and women. It's strongly linked to arousal, libido, and the ability to achieve orgasm.

Beyond that, Testosterone supports cognitive function, mood, bone mineral density, and strength, all while controlling body fat.

Testosterone Affects the Health of both Men and Women 

Women produce significantly less Testosterone than men. While guys make most Testosterone from their testes, women secrete the hormone from their ovaries, adipose tissue, and adrenal glands.

While women only release around 1/10th of the Testosterone that men do, it's still so important. In fact, since women produce so little, even a slight Testosterone Deficiency can have a dramatic effect.

Women most often experience Low Testosterone Levels around the age of Menopause. While Progesterone and Estrogen levels drop precipitously during Menopause, Androgen production drops more gradually, similarly to how male hormones fall into decline.

Every woman reacts to Hormone Imbalance differently—Some women are much more sensitive to Hormonal Changes. Common symptoms of Low-T in Women include lack of focus, fatigue, depression/irritability, and low libido.

While aging is the most common cause of Testosterone Deficiency for Women, certain surgeries can have a major impact on Testosterone Production. Hysterectomy and Ovary-removal can both lead to a sharp reduction in Testosterone activity.

Many doctors believe that Low-T is significantly under-diagnosed among women that have undergone these surgical procedures.

Testosterone Does More than Boost Libido

Dr. Heather Currie is the former head of the British Menopause Society. This medical group provides information and expertise regarding the health of women as they approach and pass through Menopause. Dr. Currie also founded the advocacy group Menopause Matters.

She explains that modern guidelines suggest consideration for Testosterone Therapy for women with Low-Libido caused by Menopause. The medical diagnosis for the condition is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

Testosterone Treatments for Women should only be used when other causes, such as depression, relationship problems, and vaginal issues, have been ruled out.

While many women opt for Estrogen Therapy without Testosterone to help smooth out their Post-Menopausal issues, Testosterone is increasingly used as a component of Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

Patients report increased endurance and more energy as well as increased sex-drive. This combination of improvements is also associated with better sleep and overall improved mood.

Because most Testosterone Products are designed for men, Testosterone Prescriptions for women are generally filled at a compounding pharmacy specializing in producing doses specifically for women's physiology.

While Testosterone is not FDA-Approved for women, doctors increasingly turn to Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy as a part of comprehensive HRT Treatment.

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