Study Finds that Testosterone Boosts Memory for Uncontrolled Diabetics

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on July 11th, 2022
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testosterone and memoryWhile most people associate Testosterone most strongly with libido and strength, the masculine hormone has wide-ranging effects on male physiology. While Testosterone is widely used to help men overcome fatigue and sexual dysfunction, new studies continue to reveal further benefits for men with Low Testosterone. There is a growing body of research that studies how Testosterone affects cognition and emotion. There's a strong link established that Testosterone positively impacts feelings of confidence and assertiveness. Testosterone also appears to positively impact memory.

Testosterone Deficiency Often Concurrent with Other Medical Conditions

Low-T does not occur in a vacuum. Testosterone Levels are strongly correlated with age—beyond thirty, the older that we get, the less Testosterone that we produce. There are also several other conditions that contribute to Testosterone Deficiency. One of the most powerful risk factors for Low-T is Diabetes. Research shows that men experience a drop in Testosterone directly resulting from the intake of sugar. As sugar is stored or utilized, Testosterone levels rebound.

Diabetes Can Worsen Low-T Symptoms—Opposite Also True

Diabetes is a medical condition that disrupts the body's ability to remove sugar from the bloodstream, and this can have a disastrous effect on a man's Testosterone Levels. Type-2 Diabetes and obesity go hand in hand, and both are leading causes of Hypogonadism. There's also clear evidence that Type-2 Diabetes and Low-T create a negative feedback loop that can exacerbate the effects of both conditions while also having a dangerous effect on mortality risk. Diabetes lowers Testosterone Levels and lower Testosterone production worsens the effects of Diabetes. Guys with Type-2 Diabetes have double the risk of Low-T as compared to men with healthy insulin resistance. This risk is even higher for men whose diabetes is poorly controlled, and for men that are seriously overweight.

The reverse can also be true. Treating Diabetes effectively can improve Testosterone Levels. There's also growing evidence that Testosterone Replacement Therapy may have a positive effect on Insulin Sensitivity. Previous studies have shown that Testosterone has a beneficial impact on fasting insulin sensitivity.

Study Examines How Testosterone Injections Can Improve Memory in Diabetics

A recent study showcased in Atlanta at the yearly meeting of the Endocrine Society provides evidence that Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy can help men with concurrent Low-T and Type-2 Diabetes improve memory, cognition, sexual ability. While the clinical study was small, the results were significant. The head researcher for this study was Dr. Preethy Rao, a doctor from the University of Sheffield. The combination of Testosterone Deficiency and Type-2 Diabetes can have a debilitating impact on quality of life, and research that offers a pathway to relief is a welcome sight.

Testosterone Therapy has seen increasing acceptance and use over the past two generations. While there are millions of men that have used Testosterone to improve their quality of life, research exploring the benefits of Low-T Treatment on men with co-morbid conditions has taken time to accumulate. Bio-Identical Testosterone helps men improve muscle mass, restore lean muscle, stabilize mood, boost energy, and bolster sexual health, but its effects on cognitive ability are just beginning to be realized.

In this Testosterone/Diabetes Clinical Trial, Dr. Rao and her colleagues selected 65 male volunteers, all with poorly managed Type-2 Diabetes and Low-T. The study had two phases—in phase one, one group received Testosterone Injections every twelve weeks, while the other received placebo. After six months, the placebo group took Testosterone along with the experimental group for another half a year.

Testosterone Injections Strengthen Recall Memory

Participants were evaluated throughout treatment. The guys on Testosterone experienced a measurable improvement in life quality while also finding relief from Low-T symptoms. Sex drive and erectile function improved dramatically, and researchers also found that the men did much better on memory tests designed to evaluate delayed recall. This test is commonly performed to check for initial signs of dementia. While this study is promising, future studies will involve larger groups of participants and will also seek to reveal the mechanism by which Testosterone improves memory in Diabetic patients.

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